OpenAccess SDK 8.0 (December 2014)


Along with delivering a range of performance and efficiency enhancements, Release 8.0 offers two key Interface Provider (IP) features that address the challenge of unlocking data in a secure way to a broader set of users and BI tools:

Other Enhancements

  • Support for massive tables (2B+ rows)
  • Correlated query performance improvements
  • Support for Public/Global IP address for Client Identification
  • Support parameters in select list
  • Improved performance of IN sub-query processing
  • Flexible Numeric arithmetic – support configurable MIN_SCALE
  • Bulk protocol support for Numeric Precision up to 127
  • Enhanced support for LONG data types
  • Enhanced conversion of LONG data types
  • Enhanced scalar function support of LONG data types
  • Improvements and fixes for uniform SSL behavior between ODBC and JDBC
  • Supports branding of ADO.NET provider
  • OpenAccess for OE Application Server 8.0 is certified against OE 11.4 and OE 11.5 (including PAS OE)
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