OpenAccess SDK 6.0 (May 2008)

  • Completely new clients, server, and wire-level protocol – OpenAccess SDK 6.0 leverages DataDirect's industrial strength technology to provide a custom driver development kit with parts that contains technologies from the DataDirect Connect and SequeLink product families. These are the products that are used by millions of users to connect to Oracle, DB/2, SQL Server, and other databases.
  • 100% Java JDBC driver – The JDBC client is 100% Java and JDBC 3.0 compliant.
  • 100% managed code ADO.NET provider – ADO.NET provider is 100% managed code and ADO.NET 1.1 compliant.
  • High-level of compliance to standards – The clients have been implemented to over extensive coverage of the respective standard and verified for compliance by using DataDirect's extensive test suites.
  • Java on 64-bit platforms – Support for writing an IP in Java is now available on 64-bit flavors of HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows.
  • Management Console and Agent – OpenAccess SDK server can now be managed from a remote Windows-based or a command line management console.
  • SSL – Version 6.0 implements the SSL protocol for data encryptions and key exchange. Previous versions supported the use of AES-128 algorithm for data encryption.
  • Windows support process per connection or thread per connection models – Earlier versions supported process per connection (forking) only on UNIX. Now on Windows and UNIX you can configure the use of process per connection, thread per connection, or a thread pool.

Refer to the README installed with the product for detailed list of enhancements and fixes.

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