OpenAccess SDK 6.0 SP2 (July 2009)

  • Customization and Localization of error messages – The error messages returned by the JDBC client, ODBC client, Server, and the SQL Engine can be localized or modified for one or more languages. This feature existed in 5.6 but was not released in 6.0 GA or SP1. For more details refer to the Message Localization section in the OpenAccess SDK Distribution Guide.
  • Third-party SQL Engine API for C can use UTF16 for Unicode data – The third-party SQL engine API for C allows Unicode data to be transferred as wchar_t or UTF16. In earlier versions only wchar_t encoding was supported.
  • SSL Libraries are renamed to avoid conflicts – The OpenSSL libraries for Windows are renamed to avoid conflict with applications that also embed different versions of OpenSSL

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