OpenAccess SDK 5.6 (July 2007)

  • New Schema Storage Manager - Static schema data and view definitions are now stored in an optimized text file format and no longer use dBase format. This results in faster operations and uniform support for schema related features across all 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Previously views were not supported on 64-bit platforms.
  • Compatibility with DataDirect ODBC Driver Manager - The OpenAccess ODBC Driver is now compatible with the DataDirect ODBC driver manager on UNIX when the driver is run in ANSI mode.
  • Enhanced data type support - Support BIT and TINYINT data types.
  • DataDirect Branding - The components and end user license agreements now bear the DataDirect Technologies company name and the DataDirect OpenAccess product name.


Schema search object should filter '%' search pattern when it is used to read all tables. Previously the SCHEMA call would be required to handle this pattern and return all objects.


Allow PWD to be 512 characters. Previously the limit was 256 characters.


Support system views - validation should use default owner name as "SYSTEM"


Improve join ordering to support Star join query


Use CSV file format for Schema Management instead of Dbase format


DQP is not correctly handling conditions on translated date columns and scalar functions that return date values


Loading of is not supported on a HP-UX build (PARISC and Itanium)


DQP is not handling View definition format of 5.5 SP2 release


dam_addValToRow reports error when BIT and TINYINT field values are provided as C data type "char"


Fail Over and Load Balancing is not working from UNIX (Solaris) client to Windows Server


Correlated queries are not supporting Views


Query translation is not correct when multiple views are used. Related to alias being generated for translated view subqueries.


Native error code is not returned correctly on Solaris


Union reports invalid results when union queries are Joins and FetchBlockSize is smaller than result set size


Once TableRowset size exceeds limit, DAM should disable TableRowset for future calls


SQLError should return SqlState as a null terminated string


Join queries without INNER qualifier gives syntax error


dam_describeCondEx is not returning correct length for BIT and TINYINT types


Queries with substring functions are not returning data going to 64-bit server on Sun Solaris


"TraceOptions=all:200" in the Server section of openrda.ini causes trace lines to be produced in sqlserv.c and tp0tcp_s.c


A too long SQL statement causes a crash in DAM


getString() call in JDBC for a string > 4096 characters causes an exception


Disk cache reports Invalid xo datatype (247) when query has WVARCHAR data on z/OS and AIX


Subquery in FROM clause - Issue when set functions in subquery are used in Search condition of outer query


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