NativeChat—Bots That Can Learn

Create and train cognitive chatbots with goals,
examples and data from existing systems through our
Cognitive Flow technology.

The NativeChat Difference

Other Bots

Predefined Question and Answer Paths

Ordinary chatbots use complex decision trees for each conversation. That’s time consuming and error prone because human interaction is so complex. Ultimately, the chatbot functions as no more than an answering machine forcing users into a predefined path.

Behave like
an Answering Machine

Users have to follow a predefined path.

  • Hello.
  • Hello there, I am the virtual assistant of
    ACME bank.
  • I need to make a money transfer.
  • What is your account number?
  • My savings account
  • Sorry, I don't understand.
  • What is your account number?
  • Forget about it.


Automatic Goal-Directed Flow

Progress NativeChat’s innovative technology allows developers to define the chatbot’s goals and the steps it takes to achieve those goals, automatically generating the conversation flow for the end user. The result is a cognitive bot that learns from context and can be created on top of existing systems.

Converse in
a Natural Way

The bot is flexible and learns from context.

  • Hello.
  • Hi, Dave.
  • I need to make a money transfer.
  • Sure! Same as the last one - to Mary
    for $1,000?
  • Yes, but make it $1,200
  • Ok. Sending $1,200 to Mary from your Savings
    account (xxxx-5642).
Confirm Make a Change

Why NativeChat?

Purpose-Built for Transactional Chat

  • Supports both transactional and FAQ-style transactions
  • Can quickly replicate existing web or mobile forms


  • Understands natural conversations in 60+ languages
  • Optional built-in NLP engine powered and supported by Facebook

Fast Deployment

  • Be up and running in two weeks
  • Get to market 10-15 times faster than bot frameworks requiring hardcoded steps and responses

Easy Integration

  • Integrate with enterprise backend systems easily with REST connectors or optional Progress® Kinvey™ serverless cloud backend

Adaptable and Cognitive

  • NativeChat AI can review and learn from chat histories without ongoing developer costs
  • Learns from existing FAQ materials


  • Integration with single-sign on products
  • Data secure in transit and at rest

Product Building Blocks


Third Party Integrations

Most interaction with a bot rely on data and business logic already existing in other systems.


NativeChat provides flexible REST API integration and samples on how to connect to your existing software infrastructure to deliver personalized user experiences.

  • CRM
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps

60+ Supported Languages

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Arabic
  3. Bangla
  4. Bosnian- Latin
  5. Bulgarian
  6. Cantonese- Traditional
  7. Catalan
  8. Chinese- Simplified
  9. Chinese- Traditional
  10. Croatian
  11. Czech
  12. Danish
  13. Dutch
  14. English
  15. Estonian
  16. Fijian
  17. Filipino
  18. Finnish
  19. French
  20. German
  21. Greek
  22. Haitian Creole
  23. Hebrew
  24. Hindi
  25. Hmong Daw
  26. Hungarian
  27. Icelandic
  28. Indonesian
  29. Italian
  30. Japanese
  31. Kiswahili
  32. Korean
  33. Latvian
  34. Lithuanian
  35. Malagasy
  36. Malay
  37. Maltese
  38. Norwegian
  39. Persian
  40. Polish
  41. Portuguese
  42. Queretaro Otomi
  43. Romanian
  44. Russian
  45. Samoan
  46. Serbian- Cyrillic
  47. Serbian- Latin
  48. Slovak
  49. Slovenian
  50. Spanish
  51. Swedish
  52. Tahitian
  53. Tamil
  54. Telugu
  55. Thai
  56. Tongan
  57. Turkish
  58. Ukrainian
  59. Urdu
  60. Vietnamese
  61. Welsh
  62. Yucatec Maya

Progress NativeChat

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