Platform Overview

Chatbots are driving digital transformation. From answering frequently asked questions to handling transactions, AI chatbots can provide a personalized experience and 24/7 customer support.

Platform Features

It’s easy to get started and grow with NativeChat. Explore the key capabilities of a platform that offers flexible deployment and tight integration with voice and conversational channels. The NativeChat Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine allows chatbot developers and business users to extract structured data and intent from the user responses. The patented Cognitive Flow technology provides an efficient way to drive user conversations to a desired result or conversion.


Cloud-native chatbot development PaaS with flexible deployment options and fully managed maintenance and upgrades.


The default hosting option, where the underlying infrastructure and services (but not your data and applications) are shared with other NativeChat customers (tenants). The cost-efficient way to start before your operation is ready to scale.

Single Tenant

Complete isolation of the infrastructure and zero risk of “noisy neighbors” hogging all the resources. The single-tenant hosting option offers enterprise security, including SSO, and guaranteed performance for mature, high-volume operations.



Add a chatbot to any website.


Voice-to-text and text-to-voice


Deploy a chatbot on Teams and let employees self-serve.

Any custom channel via REST

Use the NativeChat REST API to create your own integration. Deploy a chatbot on Telegram, Slack and text messaging platforms. Connect with enterprise backend systems via REST connectors to personalize and augment user experiences.



The NativeChat platform meets stringent enterprise standards of patient health information integrity and application and data security.

Mutual TLS & Session Encryption

Securely integrate with external apps and data sources to augment the user experience. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Audit Logs & Chat History Export

Audit Logs for all operations, from modifying, publishing, to deleting a bot. Store sensitive data within your own secure bounds.

OIDC Support for Admin Console

Single-Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication (Single-Tenant only). OIDC for secure authentication supporting multiple identity providers.

Language Support

60+ Supported Languages

For global applicability, NativeChat supports over 60 languages. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine can parse language expressions for time, date, numbers to extract and return structured data. Full list of supported languages.

Machine Translation

Bot designers can create the bot in a single language and enable machine translation for over 70 more, including French, Chinese, Spanish, Afrikaans, German and many more. A true multilingual solution available out-of-the-box for enterprise scalability.

Live Agent Hand-off


NativeChat supports Salesforce integration right out-of-the-box. Authentication is part of the conversation flow and authorized users can retrieve CRM data real-time. Handoff to the Salesforce Service Console is also supported.

Zendesk PoC

Enterprise integration between NativeChat and the popular customer support SaaS. A NativeChat chatbot can transfer the conversation to a live agent on Zendesk if it fails to extract meaning and answer a question.

Custom Integrations

Efficient interactions and goal-oriented conversations rely on data and business logic already existing in your connected ecosystem. NativeChat provides REST API integration with existing software infrastructure.

Sitefinity Integration

NativeChat chatbots are fully integrated with content management, letting you expose structured content stored in Sitefinity to an extra channel with a compelling, interactive user experience.

Widget Customization

NativeChat chatbots can be customized per your brand book and have a consistent look and feel across multiple channels.

Proactive Engagement

Configure the bot to engage the visitor at the right time of their journey, to positively influence conversions and drive pipeline.

Structured FAQ Training

FAQ content sourced from Sitefinity. User-friendly training with multiple question variations, validation, and testing.

Content Search Fallback

Configure the chatbot to use website search as a fallback option when it has no answer or is unable to extract meaning.

Structured Content via API

Configure the bot to query Sitefinity endpoints and serve relevant data in response to a specific question or search.

When deployed on a Sitefinity website, a web chatbot can leverage all the Sitefinity Insight capabilities to augment interactions with customer data and deliver relevant, uniquely personalized experiences.

Customer Data

Deliver tailored content and 1:1 personalization to each visitor based on data collected in Sitefinity Insight. The bot is set-up out-of-the-box to report to Sitefinity Insight whenever a question is answered, or a conversation completed.

Audience Segmentation

The bot can pull Sitefinity Insight data for whether the current user belongs to a specific audience segment and act accordingly. The information that the bot relays to Sitefinity Insight can in turn be used to assign visitors into segments.


Capture customer interactions and use the data for both 1:1 personalization and persona-based journey optimization. Deliver tailored experiences and relevant content, products and services. Increase engagement and boost conversions.

Reporting & Analytics

Performance Dashboard

The NativeChat analytics section has dashboards to monitor bot performance and success rate. Powerful UI for business users to assess bot understanding, track search patterns and phrases, store history and analytics.

Power BI Connector

Out-of-the-box connectivity to track chatbot performance in a popular tool. Create rich visualizations, compare with metrics from other systems, share reports with stakeholders, all tightly integrated into your enterprise reporting.

User Feedback

Configure the bot to gather feedback and enhance the already user-friendly bot training model through user validation. Analyze chatbot performance and fine-tune bot training to increase relevance and customer service quality.

Bot Training

Natural Language Processing to analyze user input, extract meaning and intent, and respond appropriately.

Understanding Assessment

Monitor and analyze conversations your chatbot has been engaged in and follow up on unrecognized phrases to improve the quality of your bot’s performance. Understand what your customers are asking or searching for, and deliver.

Test Set

A handy tool to continuously fine-tune bot training and make the programmed responses always relevant. Remove, update and replace response phrases to reflect the evolution of both customer needs and your capabilities and content.

Low-touch Reinforced Learning

Patent Pending technology enabling automatic NLP Model selection. Advanced ML algorithms enrich bot training after auto-generated bot responses are validated by a human trainer. Custom NLP models specific to your use case.

Chatbots by Function

Browse our collection of different chatbots by function, vertical or integration. The NativeChat Accelerators can help you fast-track chatbot development with ready-to-use code samples.

FAQ Chatbot

The Sitefinity Chatbot is fully integrated with content, letting you expose structured FAQs stored in a CMS backend or another data repository to an extra channel for a rich, interactive user experience.

FAQ Builder

Deploy FAQ chatbots any channel, serving content sourced from a content repository. Multiple question variations, validation and testing.

Import Structured
FAQ Content

Business-user-friendly content import via csv. Automated structured content sync via webhooks and API endpoints. JSON training definitions.

Low-confidence Suggestions

Bots can be configured to suggest alternative responses when the available options in the training set don’t meet the confidence threshold.

Search Fallback Integration

Integrate enterprise or web search to cover scenarios where the bot has no definitive answer or is unable to extract meaning.

Guided Tasks Chatbot

The Natural Language Processing engine can extract structured data and user intent. Patented low-code cognitive flow technology provides an efficient way to drive user conversations to a desired result or conversion.

Declarative Conversation Paths

Defining conversations and validation rules is as easy as writing plain text. Smart slot filling algorithm for the next best step based on user input and context.

Low-code Multistep Definition

Cognitive Flow uses predictive analytics and slot-based algorithms to determine the relevant next step in both goal conversations and Q&A sessions.

Easy Integration via REST

NativeChat supports REST API integration, so you can export data to an external repository or consume data from CRM and other enterprise backends.

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