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Introducing Progress NativeChat

Introducing Progress NativeChat, our AI-driven platform for creating and deploying cognitive chatbots.

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Chatbots are Here, and it is Just the Beginning

Are you ready to support chatbots? How about what’s coming next? Prepare for the future with a flexible architecture that’s ready for everything.

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Best Practices for Designing a Conversational Chatbot Experience

Designing a conversational experience requires a set of best practices that go beyond the natural language understanding and personality of your chatbot.

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Anatomy of a Chatbot—How Much Does it Cost to Build One?

Chatbots continue to grow in popularity. We explore all the components of a chatbot and the typical costs that going into building one today.

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Success Stories

Doctor Shterev Hospital

Many of the calls coming into the contact center at Dr. Shterev Hospital were routine, overwhelming operators. See how a chatbot developed with NativeChat freed up operators to enable deeper patient engagement.

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Enabling Deeper Patient Engagement with Progress NativeChat

With a chatbot developed with Progress NativeChat, Dr. Shterev Hospital reduced the workload of their contact center staff by 49% through the automation of repetitive tasks. This enabled the team to spend more time on patient calls that require deeper engagement. The result: improved customer satisfaction ratings.



Technical and Security Overview of Progress NativeChat

An in-depth look at NativeChat, providing a complete capabilities overview and technical details of NativeChat’s product architecture, product security and cloud infrastructure security.

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Deliver Superior Customer Support Experiences with a Cognitive Chatbot

A look at the business benefits of Progress NativeChat, including reducing contact center costs while delivering superior customer service.