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Get Early Access and Personalized Guidance to Kickstart Chatbot Development with the NativeChat Pilot Program.

Fast Track to the NativeChat Experience

Get ready to get hands-on. Scope, develop and test your first chatbot solution. The Progress NativeChat Professional Services teams are with you every step of the way.

Week 1


  • Introduction to NativeChat
  • The technology, concepts and tools
  • Goals , expectations and deliverables
Week 2

& Use Case

  • Set pilot targets
  • Define the use case
  • Conversation scripts
  • Technical requirements
Week 3

Training &

  • Coding concepts & technical training
  • Pair programming
  • Deploy chatbot
  • Technical sign-off
Week 4

and Look Ahead

  • Business demo & sign-off
  • Your feedback on the platform and program
  • NativeChat for the future

Pilot Program Benefits

Get early access and personalized guidance to kickstart chatbot development with the NativeChat Pilot Program.

Early Access and Hands-on Experience

Experience a cutting-edge chatbot development platform first-hand.

All the Resources and Insider Tips

NativeChat professional services to get the most for your business use case.

Tailored to Your Scope and Needs

More than just a free trial. Get help scoping a use case. Develop and deploy a solution.

Join the NativeChat Pilot Program

Connect, Engage and Automate. Real-time. Multichannel.

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