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The Five Pillars of NativeChat

Our product philosophy is founded on five main pillars. Each pillar helps your business to provide the most accurate self-help automation.

FAQ Automation

  • Automate FAQs, reduce support
  • Enhanced Natural Language Processing
  • More tailored content search and discovery


Guided Task Automation

  • Scheduling
  • Product purchase
  • Product returns
  • Help Desk workflows
  • Approvals


Hosting Flexibility

  • Deploy on AWS or Azure for automatic scalability
  • We manage the service and upgrades


High Grade Security

  • SSL
  • Data encryption at rest and in-transit
  • GDPR compliance
  • Auditable chat logs
  • Single Sign-On integration


Control Where It Belongs

  • Non-technical subject matter experts manage chatbot conversation content
  • Developers have integration and extension points to use for internal or third-party systems
  • Reduce IT workload and time to market without being limited


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