April 27, 2023


These release notes provide enhancements, changed behavior, and resolved issues. When applicable, a component-specific version number is provided for the On-Premises Connector, ODBC driver, or JDBC driver.

The product version number can be obtained from the Hybrid Data Pipeline Web UI by selecting About from the help dropdown.

The On-Premises Connector version number can be obtained by opening the On-Premises Connector Configuration Tool and clicking the Version tab.

The JDBC driver version number can be obtained (1) by calling the DatabaseMetaData.getDriverVersion() method or (2) by executing the following command from the driver installation directory:

java -cp ddhybrid.jar com.ddtek.jdbc.ddhybrid.DDHybridDriver.

For the ODBC driver, see Driver version string for details on obtaining the driver version number.

Note: For the latest data source and platform support information, refer to the Product Compatibility Guide.


Web UI branding

Hybrid Data Pipeline now supports branding of its Web UI. The default branding information like logo, colors, naming, and icons can be configured before or after installation. For more information, refer to Branding the Web UI for details.

Autonomous REST Composer

The Autonomous REST Composer is now available on the Configure Endpoints tab from the Autonomous REST Connector data store interface. The Composer allows you to create a REST data source and configure or import a REST Model file using the Web UI. For more information, refer to Creating REST data sources with the Web UI for details.

Tomcat updates

Hybrid Data Pipeline has been updated to install and use Tomcat 9.0.73.In addition, the following Hybrid Data Pipeline Tomcat configurations have been made to improve security.

  • The autoDeploy attribute has been set to false. Hence, Tomcat does not check for new or updated web applications.
  • TLS 1.2 is the minimum supported version for TLS encryption.
  • Weak ciphers are no longer supported.
  • For Linux installations, the Shutdown Port permits a REST call to shutdown the server. The default value of this port has been changed from 8005 to -1. The new default value -1 disables this port.
Oracle 19c certified as a system database

Oracle 19c has been certified to operate as a Hybrid Data Pipeline system database.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cross Company connection option

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 data store supports a new connection option Cross Company that allows access to cross company data for users who have access to multiple companies. Refer to Microsoft Dynamics 365 parameters for details.

Resolved Issues

Issue HDP-7029 JDBC driver returned the error "unexpected end of stream reached"

When querying a SQL Server data source, the JDBC driver returned the "unexpected end of stream reached" error. (JDBC driver

Issue HDP-7147 Resolved Hybrid Data Pipeline vulnerability CVE-2023-24998

The shipping version of the Tomcat server was upgraded from Tomcat 9.0.65 to 9.0.73 to address the vulnerability described in CVE-2023-24998. (Hybrid Data Pipeline server, On-Premises Connector

Issue HDP-7495 Unable to configure SSL behind a load balancer when using FIPS and an external JRE

After configuring the Hybrid Data Pipeline server to use an external JRE and run in FIPS mode, server-side SSL could not be enabled. (Hybrid Data Pipeline server

Known Issues

See Hybrid Data Pipeline known issues for details.


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