November 19, 2020


These release notes provide enhancements, changed behavior, and resolved issues. When applicable, a component-specific version number is provided for the On-Premises Connector, ODBC driver, or JDBC driver.

The product version number can be obtained from the Hybrid Data Pipeline Web UI by selecting About from the help dropdown.

The On-Premises Connector version number can be obtained by opening the On-Premises Connector Configuration Tool and clicking the Version tab.

The JDBC driver version number can be obtained (1) by calling the DatabaseMetaData.getDriverVersion() method or (2) by executing the following command from the driver installation directory:

java -cp ddhybrid.jar com.ddtek.jdbc.ddhybrid.DDHybridDriver.

For the ODBC driver, see Driver version string for details on obtaining the driver version number.

Note: For the latest data source and platform support information, refer to the Product Compatibility Guide.

Resolved Issues

Issue HDP-4757 Cannot retrieve data from SQL Server table (On-Premises Connector version

Sometimes when trying to execute SELECT * FROM table against an on-premise SQL Server database using the On-Premises Connector, the ODBC driver returned the error [HY000] [DataDirect][ODBC Hybrid driver][SQLServer]Unexpected content at the end of chunk.

Issue HDP-4574 HTTP error 404 while renaming the connector label (On-Premises Connector version

When the name of the On-Premises Connector host machine was in all uppercase at the time of the installation of the On-Premises Connector, the Connector Label field in the On-Premises Configuration Tool did not populate with the hostname as expected. Then, when attempting to update the Connector Label field with the correct hostname, the On-Premises Configuration Tool returned Error setting connector label for user Request returned Status:404 Message.

Issue HDP-4704 Error while accessing link tables in MS Access application using Hybrid Data Pipeline data source (ODBC driver

When using the Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC driver to connect to a data source created with a third party JDBC driver, the following error was returned: ODBC--call failed. [DataDirect][ODBC Hybrid driver]Numeric value out of range. Error in column 16. (#0). This error was returned because the third party driver diverged from the JDBC specification when describing the data type of CHAR_OCTET_LENGTH for DatabaseMetaData.getColumns(). The ODBC driver has been modified to work with the third party JDBC driver despite this divergence from the JDBC specification.


SQL statement auditing

Hybrid Data Pipeline has added a SQL statement auditing feature. When SQL statement auditing is enabled, the connectivity service records SQL statements and related metrics in the SQLAudit table on the Hybrid Data Pipeline system database (also referred to as the account database). This information can then be queried directly by administrators. See SQL statement auditing in the user's guide for details.

Tomcat upgrade

The Hybrid Data Pipeline server and On-Premises Connector have been upgraded to install and use Tomcat 9.0.37. (On-Premises Connector version

Known Issues

See Hybrid Data Pipeline known issues for details.


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