February 16, 2022


These release notes provide enhancements, changed behavior, and resolved issues. When applicable, a component-specific version number is provided for the On-Premises Connector, ODBC driver, or JDBC driver.

The product version number can be obtained from the Hybrid Data Pipeline Web UI by selecting About from the help dropdown.

The On-Premises Connector version number can be obtained by opening the On-Premises Connector Configuration Tool and clicking the Version tab.

The JDBC driver version number can be obtained (1) by calling the DatabaseMetaData.getDriverVersion() method or (2) by executing the following command from the driver installation directory:

java -cp ddhybrid.jar com.ddtek.jdbc.ddhybrid.DDHybridDriver.

For the ODBC driver, see Driver version string for details on obtaining the driver version number.

Note: For the latest data source and platform support information, refer to the Product Compatibility Guide.


Server-side SSL

Hybrid Data Pipeline now supports server-side SSL. Server-side SSL allows you to enable SSL behind the load balancer and secure communication between the load balancer and server nodes, as well as Hybrid Data Pipeline nodes in a cluster deployment. This functionality is supported in the following component versions.

  • Hybrid Data Pipeline Server and higher
  • JDBC Driver and higher
  • ODBC Driver and higher


  • Updating On-Premises Connectors is not required to configure server-side SSL.
  • For details on server-side SSL, refer to SSL configuration.
curl Library update (ODBC driver

The curl library files used with the ODBC driver have been upgraded to version 7.80.0.

OpenSSL library update (ODBC driver

The default version of the OpenSSL library used with the ODBC driver has been upgraded to version 1.1.1l.

Resolved Issues

Issue HDP-5587 SYNONYMS not displayed in the Web UI

The SQL Editor was not displaying SYNONYM objects.

Issue HDP-5611 "Unexpected end of stream" error returned

When queries demanded the return of multiple large result sets, the query failed and the error "Unexpected end of stream" was returned.

Known Issues

See Hybrid Data Pipeline known issues for details.


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