4.0.1 archive

Note: This version of Hybrid Data Pipeline has reached end of life. These release notes are for reference purposes.


Hybrid Data Pipeline server
  • Added support for bypassing hostname and port validation when performing a silent installation. When hostname validation fails during the interactive installation process, you are prompted to reenter the hostname or skip validation. If you choose to skip validation, the hostname and port validation properties in your response file will have the following settings.
    Running an installation in silent mode with a response file containing these settings allows the silent installation to continue even if hostname or port validation fail.  When the validation fails during the silent installation process, the installer generates the file SilentInstallInfo.log in the home directory of the target machine but completes a full installation.
  • Added support for version information to be returned from /api/admin/version endpoint.  This feature is only accessible via admin accounts.  The response is returned in a JSON-style format with the following syntax.
    "HDPVersion": "<major>.<minor>.<service_pack>.<build_number>"
  • Upgraded to Tomcat 8.0.39
Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Enhanced to support queries with equality filters on non-indexed fields. Previously, equality filter conditions were passed to the Oracle Sales Cloud server for indexed fields only.
  • Enhanced performance for queries with non-equality filters. Previously, the entire table (or tables) were retrieved before the data from a non-equality operator could be filtered. These filters are now passed to Oracle Sales Cloud for faster processing.
  • Enhanced to support the columns specified in a Select list. Previously, all fields were retrieved from the Oracle Sales Cloud. Now only the fields specified in the Select list are retrieved.
  • Proxy options have been enabled for Oracle Sales Cloud Driver. You define the proxy server options in the data source definition, in the Extended Options field of the Advanced tab. The syntax is shown in the following example:
    • ProxyHost identifies a proxy server to use for the connection, using either the server name or an IP address specified in either IPv4 or IPv6 format.
    • ProxyPort specifies the port number where the proxy server is listening for HTTPS requests.
    • ProxyUser specifies the user name needed to connect to a proxy server when authentication on the proxy server is enabled.
    • ProxyPassword specifies the password needed to connect to a proxy server when authentication on the proxy server is enabled.

Resolved Issues

Hybrid Data Pipeline installer
  • Resolved an issue where the final.log file was generated even though the installation succeeded
  • Resolved an issue with console installation where user was prompted for OpenAccess options even though OpenAccess was not selected
  • Resolved an issue where silent installation failed with a non-standard port for an external Oracle database
  • Resolved an issue where silent installation failed when a response file generated from console mode was used for the silent installation
  • Resolved an issue where silent installation failed when external database was selected and configured
  • Resolved an issue where the schema was not created during a silent installation with an external database configuration
Hybrid Data Pipeline server
  • Enabled compression
  • Resolved an issue where the HDPVersion in the version API response did not include the build number for the package
  • Resolved an issue where the server would make calls to external resources
  • Resolved an issue where server would not start in an environment that already had CATALINA_HOME configured
  • Resolved an issue where shutdown scripts would shut down process not related to the server
  • Resolved an issue where the server did not shut down completely when executing the shutdown script
Credentials database
  • Resolved an issue where only the DB Admin credentials were being validated when Oracle was selected as an external database
  • Resolved an issue where embedded database was started when environment was configured to use external database
  • Resolved a failure when creating users with external database configured for Oracle version patch 7
Hybrid Data Pipeline Management API
  • Resolved an issue where a 201 was returned when adding members to a group data source through the Management API
  • Resolved an issue where a normal user would receive a 400 instead of a 404 error when using the user query parameter to Management API calls
  • Resolved an issue where user creation API allowed invalid values for the status field
  • Resolved an issue where OData requests were timing out before application could finish retrieving the results
Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Resolved a file input/output error when connecting to an Oracle Sales Cloud data source
  • Resolved an issue where an empty folder named OracleSalesCloud_Schema was created in the installation directory
  • Resolved an issue where decimal values with a precision greater than 7 were not returned correctly when retrieved from an Oracle Sales Cloud data source

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