Use Sitefinity Insight to Make Personalization Easy

Use Sitefinity Insight to Make Personalization Easy

Posted on December 07, 2023 0 Comments

Does personalization really matter for digital customer experiences? See for yourself, and learn how Sitefinity Insight can help.

In today’s digital age, where the world moves at breakneck speed and consumers are bombarded with countless options, providing a tailored experience can set your brand apart from the crowd.

Businesses must evolve to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated digital consumers. While brick-and-mortar stores have long embraced the philosophy of building relationships through personal interactions, the digital realm has often catered to a broader audience.

Let’s delve into the value of personalization in digital experiences, backed by hard data, and explore how Progress Sitefinity Insight can equip businesses to optimize and deliver personalized content that resonates deeply with their audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of personalization, this exploration promises insights that can shape your strategy for the better.

Is Personalization Worth the Effort?

In the physical world, we know that customer satisfaction wins. Having meaningful, welcoming interactions will drive loyalty and help turn our customers into advocates.

Yet, traditional digital experiences have been built for the masses. The expectation is that users have the time, interest and capability to hunt for the right information relevant to their situation. Maybe that doesn’t sound too inconvenient in our high-speed world. And sometimes, we prefer to be left alone to explore during a purchasing decision.

The data is clear on consumer preferences and the effectiveness of personalization. According to McKinsey & Company, businesses that excel at personalization drive 40% more revenue. And, in fact, a substantial number of consumers appreciate a personalized experience. For you, that means your job is to effectively and appropriately provide personalized digital experiences.

What is Personalization?

Before we go further with this discussion, let’s make sure we’re on the same page and clarify what we mean by “personalization.”

The simple definition is the familiar one: Personalization is some form of adjustment to an experience that is unique to the individual or audience segment.

You can personalize an experience by having a specific landing page that speaks just to one industry that you serve. But, in our context here, we want you to be more effective than that. At the moment, personalization is referring to a very contextual, data-driven adaptation of the digital experience that is unique for a specific visitor.

First, Get Some Data

“If you like that, you might like this!”

None of us are strangers to personalized experiences. Ecommerce sites wrap their arms tightly around the strategy. For other experiences, the signals you want to respond to may be less obvious. Visited pages, time of day, geolocation, video views and resource downloads are all examples of the cues that can drive personalization rules. Sitefinity Insight can kickstart this for you with robust criteria. By connecting other data sources to Sitefinity Insight, you also get the benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) by consolidating and surfacing unique customer segments.

What is CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a system that can aggregate customer profile information and behavioral signals into one place. A business user can then interrogate a CDP to organize customers into segments that were previously undiscovered when data was siloed.

Exposing these segments and refined customer details to the rest of your stack will allow you to personalize your web experience, email marketing and even real-world interactions.

In many ways, you can think of Sitefinity Insight as a CDP that also lets you take action. The segments built in Sitefinity Insight are instantly available to help you optimize your digital experiences.

Persona Setup in Sitefinity Insight

Personalization with Sitefinity Insight starts by leveraging the power of the Persona feature. Understanding how your visitors are interacting with your content is a signal of interest and this allows you to report on engagement from specific user segments.

Personas are set up with profile information and scoring rules. Profile information includes fields that let you describe your persona in plain language, as a reference when you are reviewing the data later.

Scoring rules are where this feature comes to life. Rules let you specify what actions cue the system to attribute the current visit as a persona match. When you also capture data from other systems, Sitefinity Insight becomes a real CDP of action.

You can get a full walkthrough of Personas in this nine-minute video:

Segment Discovery

The Segment Discovery feature in Sitefinity Insight accelerates and further simplifies your personalization efforts. For many digital experiences, the complexity, size and nuances of the content and user journeys can be trickier to distill into a set of Persona rules.

By doing a “full content analysis” of your touchpoints, Sitefinity Insight can help surface patterns in your content that can help you create segments and further optimize your personalization efforts.

Tying It All Together—From Moments to Journeys

Within the Sitefinity CMS, you can personalize entire pages or individual content blocks. Setting up your personalization rules within the CMS is a breeze when you have Sitefinity Insight data working for you.

Get a sneak peek of how the CMS personalization engine leverages Sitefinity Insight:

To get the most out of Sitefinity Insight, take a look at the entire onboarding video series that is available here: Flywheel Strategic | Sitefinity Insight Onboarding Videos.

Ready for a test drive? Get started with Sitefinity today. And Flywheel Strategic would be glad to help.

Scott Snowden

Scott is a partner at Flywheel Strategic and based in Toronto. He brings a keen sense of curiosity and determination to all new business problems. Scott’s passion is creatively engineering new ways for clients to stand out. To do that, you need to ask the right questions and take time to understand the context of each client’s position in the market. This business-first approach has given clients like SNAP Financial a strong competitive advantage. Clients like Quadrangle Architects and the Prospector’s & Developer’s Association of Canada have been able to implement web strategies to streamline their operations and improve communications.


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