Connect Your Whole Stack with Sitefinity Insight

Connect Your Whole Stack with Sitefinity Insight

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Extract as much power as you can from your data with a customer data platform, which can give you a clear view of your customers. Learn about Sitefinity Insight, which builds personas and defines conversion so you can measure your content ROI.

Can you count all the tools in your tech stack? Are those tools nicely connected to each other?

Modern Digital Experiences

Delivering a modern digital experience is often accomplished by using a variety of tools. With a clear strategy and smart decision-making, each tool choice can bring tremendous value.

But it is common to end up with disconnected data. You might have silos of information across your business, and it can be a challenge to get a clear picture of your customer preferences and behavioral patterns.

Information is Power

Your goal should be having readily accessible information to drive growth. In an online world, most digital experience managers are good at tracking conversions: How many purchases? How many downloads?

Going further, it helps to know what other engagements lead to the desired goal. The challenge comes when capturing that entire journey extends to other systems and even the offline world.

Clarity is Key

A comprehensive customer narrative will provide the most confidence for your go-to-market strategy. Having customer data trapped in separate systems only gives you a collection of short stories.

Often, we turn to the analytics and go hunting for data points to support these stories. This puts a lot of pressure on your spreadsheet skills to line up profiles and cross-reference your information. Relevant, reliable and clear customer data should be readily available to help you make decisions about boosting engagement and increasing conversions.

Your goal should be to extract as much power as you can from your data. There are varying levels of sophistication when executing any marketing campaign or business analysis. In the most rudimentary form, an experienced manager is going to measure conversions. How many widgets were sold? How many downloads happened?

Stepping up from there, you might follow some engagement metrics to infer what influenced that conversion. We all know this data can be powerful—and a thriving business cannot exist without it. Unsophisticated metrics are your nemesis.

Your customer story should be a cohesive and clear narrative, not just a collection of short anecdotes. Data, when used precisely, is instrumental in driving decisions. With today’s advanced technology, it’s essential to understand the complete journey of each customer. Have you honed your Excel skills to correlate data from email engagement, web metrics, event attendance and sales orders? Have you considered how to effectively compile this information?

CDP to the Rescue

A unified customer database that can be accessed and updated by other systems will unlock huge potential for your business. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) will give you that full spectrum picture of your customers. User profiles are one thing, but the clarity and power of a CDP comes from the added visibility into the whole relationship that you have together—from email campaigns to page visits to offline interactions and more.

Sitefinity Insight Drives Impact

Adapting your digital experience and making real-time content decisions based on individual customer visits will boost your competitive advantage. You can streamline and optimize your workflows to do just that by using Sitefinity Insight. By building personas and defining your conversions, Sitefinity Insight will measure your content ROI, and unlock user journey clarity. Real impact comes when your customer story is rich in detail and relevance.

Connecting Your Whole Stack with Sitefinity Insight

Action is happening and signals are flowing from everyone and everywhere. Your job is to capture that data, centralize it and unleash its potential. Sitefinity Insight will continuously monitor and analyze your digital experiences across platforms and properties. Importing data from your CRM, marketing automation systems, ERP databases and even recording physical interactions will turn your entire stack into a customer experience powerhouse.

Turn Intention into Reality

An accomplished digital experience agency like Flywheel Strategic can help you launch a successful Sitefinity Insight initiative and unlock the power of a CDP.

And documentation from Progress outlines how to track all of your user journeys on a Sitefinity website, another digital property or from other databases in your stack.

There are even webhooks and import options to help streamline your data capture workflows.

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Scott Snowden

Scott is a partner at Flywheel Strategic and based in Toronto. He brings a keen sense of curiosity and determination to all new business problems. Scott’s passion is creatively engineering new ways for clients to stand out. To do that, you need to ask the right questions and take time to understand the context of each client’s position in the market. This business-first approach has given clients like SNAP Financial a strong competitive advantage. Clients like Quadrangle Architects and the Prospector’s & Developer’s Association of Canada have been able to implement web strategies to streamline their operations and improve communications.


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