Tutorial: Accessing Data Behind the Firewall from the Cloud

Tutorial: Accessing Data Behind the Firewall from the Cloud

Posted on June 27, 2017 0 Comments
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Learn how to deploy the Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline On-Premises Connector to access data behind a firewall.

Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is an innovative data access service for enterprises and cloud ISVs that is designed to simplify and streamline data integration between cloud, mobile, and on-premises sources through a secure, firewall-friendly integration.

About Hybrid Data Pipeline

Progress DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity solutions simplify commercial cloud application deployments that require secure access to back office data without any network configuration such as VPN or SSH tunnels.

Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) is a fully embeddable service engineered for distribution with cloud hosted applications, delivering secure and firewall friendly data access from any cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean and more. 

Using patented on-premises connector technology, HDP provides secure access to connect to data and applications behind firewalls without opening any ports or VPN. This also accelerates POCs in the cloud for new prospects evaluating cloud applications, without dealing with delays around network configuration.

Hybrid Data Pipeline is engineered for the cloud to include a scalable architecture, access management, security and data compression.

About the On-Premises Connector

One of the main features that many of our customers appreciate is that we connect your on-premises data sources even though they are behind a firewall. To do that, you must install the On-Premises Connector behind your firewall to allow secure and real-time access to in-network data sources from the cloud. To learn more about the On-Premises Connector, you can watch this video.

The On-Premises Connector allows you to securely access data behind any firewall without complex network configurations such as SSH tunnels, reverse proxies or VPNs. You can also share data securely between data centers even when the data centers are behind multiple firewalls.

In the diagram below, the On-Premises Connector is labeled "OPC" in the green box.


Set Up the On-Premises Connector

Ready to get started accessing your on-premises data from the Cloud? Take a look at our tutorials to help you get started:

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Saikrishna Teja Bobba

Saikrishna is a DataDirect Developer Evangelist at Progress. Prior to working at Progress, he worked as Software Engineer for 3 years after getting his undergraduate degree, and recently graduated from NC State University with Masters in Computer Science. His interests are in the areas of Data Connectivity, SaaS and Mobile App Development.


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