Learn how Paxata successfully delivered hybrid connectivity to their customers in our latest Webinar: Frictionless Hybrid Data Access for Clouds.

Run Your Own Firewall-Friendly Hybrid Connectivity Solution

Hybrid Data Pipeline is our self-hostable hybrid connectivity solution that you can run in the cloud or on-premises. Data Pipeline can give you access to data in the cloud or on-premises behind a firewall. Connect through a standard interface—SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData 2 or OData 4).

Top Reasons to Choose Hybrid Data Pipeline


Lightweight Data Gateway

Securely access data behind the firewall without complex network/firewall configurations such as setting up a VPN or SSH tunneling


Universal Connectivity

Get real-time connectivity to the latest SaaS, SQL, Big Data and NoSQL data sources such as Salesforce, Apache Hive, Marketo, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Eloqua and more


Horizontal Scalability

Hybrid Data Pipeline service can be deployed on multiple nodes behind a load balancer. Incoming requests can be evenly distributed across cluster nodes.

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All customer-sensitive data elements (including remote credential or database pairings stored) are protected by encryption, both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (SSL/TLS). Read our security paper.

Engineered for Cloud

Engineered for Cloud

Unlike VPN, SSH and other traditional solutions, our services are engineered for the cloud to include a scalable architecture, access management, security and data compression



Limits API allows administrators to set limits on how many rows can be returned for ODBC, JDBC, and OData requests. An error is returned if an application fetches rows beyond the specified limit.


Embeddable and White labelable

Embed Hybrid Data Pipeline into your app, white-label it and ship it to your customers to give them the very best cloud connectivity.

Or you could use our DataDirect Cloud service. You don’t have to deal with complex deployment scenarios, server configurations or version upgrades.
DataDirect Cloud is our hybrid connectivity SaaS solution that is hosted by us on Amazon Web Services.

Learn about DataDirect Cloud – or – Learn about our hybrid solutions

Customer Quotes about Hybrid Data Pipeline

"Hybrid Data Pipeline is very exciting because it is taking the ability to expose a common OData protocol over a variety of sources and allowing customers to host that themselves"

Mike Pizzo, Microsoft


"I was excited particularly about hybrid connectivity. Our customers have on-premises offerings or a mixed offering of on-premises and SaaS. I am curious if this is going to help them solve the problem of aggregating their offering into a single SaaS offering "

Sean Devlin, Servoy


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Project Mustang AKA Hybrid Data Pipeline


Meet Hybrid Data Pipeline

Hybrid Data Pipeline is a lightweight, embeddable data gateway service that will simplify integration by connecting directly to the data. This provides applications the ability to use SQL or OData to perform real-time access to on-premises and cloud data.

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Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Solutions


Top 3 Cloud Solutions using Hybrid Data Pipeline

Organizations are now facing 3 major problems: Keeping up with data access needs to the proliferating SaaS sources, Accessing data from behind the firewall, Making data from their home-grown apps to other apps. Learn how Hybrid Data Pipeline can help you easily solve these problems.

Cloud Integration Solutions
Hybrid Data Pipeline UI


Deploy Hybrid Data Pipeline on Azure

We put together this tutorial to help you deploy Hybrid Data Pipeline on Azure. As part of this, you will learn how to set up a virtual machine on Azure, install Hybrid Data Pipeline and start the Hybrid Data Pipeline Server

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Firewall Friendly Data Access


Firewall Friendly Pipeline for Secure Data Access

Experts from Progress® DataDirect® covered:
1. How to establish a firewall friendly data gateway?
2. Best practices and lessons learned from accessing data behind firewalls?
3. How Board and Intuit connect their cloud applications to on-premises data

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Dreamforce Session


As seen at Dreamforce

In this session we discussed best practices and lessons learned in accessing external data sets in Hadoop or Spark using Salesforce Connect. This enables you to leave your big data behind the firewall but still provide users on-demand access to big data insights using External Objects via Salesforce Connect.

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