Powerful Data Connectors Unlock Valuable Data within Progress OpenEdge

Powerful Data Connectors Unlock Valuable Data within Progress OpenEdge

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Only Progress DataDirect offers direct access to Progress OpenEdge data.

Progress OpenEdge powers organizations all around the world for developing, integrating and managing critical business applications. By deploying data connectors to Progress OpenEdge, users can access valuable data to feed multiple BI and analytics programs.

Progress DataDirect enables powerful and seamless connectivity to Progress OpenEdge, giving users broad-spectrum access to business-critical data sources, as well as accessing data using industry standard APIs. Users can also connect directly to business intelligence, data integration, reporting tools, and more.

Users can connect to Progress OpenEdge via:


  • Progress DataDirect’s ODBC Driver for OpenEdge offers a high-performing, secure and reliable connectivity solution for ODBC applications to access OpenEdge data.


  • Progress DataDirect’s JDBC Driver for OpenEdge offers a high-performing, secure and reliable connectivity solution for JDBC applications to access OpenEdge data.


  • OData (Open Data Protocol) is an ISO/IEC approved, OASIS standard that defines a set of best practices for building and consuming RESTful APIs.

Why DataDirect for OpenEdge?

1. OpenEdge Database access using standards-based SQL

Only Progress DataDirect offers direct access to OpenEdge data without requiring changes to the developed applications or causing interruptions. Additionally, use DataDirect ODBC/JDBC connections from BI/ETL tools to gain direct access to the OpenEdge data by avoiding the business logic.

2. Standards-based connectivity to ABL business logic

Progress DataDirect eliminates the need for manual, error-prone export and import stages by allowing data from crucial business operations created in OpenEdge to be accessed in a single reporting tool. Additionally, the Autonomous REST Connector to an OpenEdge REST-enabled application preserves all Advanced Business Logic (ABL).

3. OData support that enables clientless connectivity from leading BI solutions

Applications like PowerBI and Tableau can be easily integrated with OpenEdge thanks to OData capabilities via DataDirect. It's easier than ever to create business intelligence insights using OpenEdge data.

You May Already Have These Connectors!

As an OpenEdge RDBMS customer, you have the right to download SQL Client Access Product that contains the ODBC/JDBC drivers to connect to the SQL engine of the OpenEdge RDBMS at no additional cost!

DataDirect provides a branded driver for the Progress database. The ODBC and JDBC drivers are free for any OpenEdge end-user with licenses under active maintenance. ODBC and JDBC drivers are embedded in client products and can be downloaded for different platforms for licensed users of the Progress database.

Please note: If you are an existing licensed Progress OpenEdge RDBMS customer and you are under active maintenance with Progress, you are likely already licensed for the ODBC and JDBC drivers. This means you can log on to Progress' Electronic Software Download (ESD) site using your Progress credentials to download the latest version of the OpenEdge ODBC and JDBC drivers.

If you obtained the OpenEdge RDBMS from a third-party Progress Application Partner that has built a commercial application on top of OpenEdge, you have two options:

  • Work directly with your Progress Application Partner to request an OpenEdge ODBC or JDBC driver. Since your relationship is with that Application Partner—versus directly with Progress—all OpenEdge software distribution, license keys and technical support are handled by that Application Partner.
  • Purchase an annual subscription for the DataDirect OpenEdge ODBC or JDBC driver and work directly with Progress DataDirect Technical Support for your ODBC or JDBC use case. We currently have an Analytics Promotion for $10K for a 12-month OpenEdge OBDC or JDBC driver subscription for limited use with specific BI tools. Complete this Price Request to find out if you are eligible.

Interested in learning more? Read this knowledge article: "Where can I get SQL Client Access product for OpenEdge?" or reach out to your account manager.

Let's Chat About OpenEdge Pro2

Besides DataDirect Progress also offers another solution to distribute your OpenEdge data. Progress OpenEdge Pro2 is a data replication solution that provides easy access to data from your OpenEdge applications. The OpenEdge Pro2 data replication solution eliminates connectivity restrictions without compromising the transactional database or interfering with routine business activities.

Here are some of the key features and benefits in Pro2:

  • You may use your third-party reporting solutions for up-to-date reports and business intelligence.
  • By utilizing Progress OpenEdge Change Data Capture, customers and partners can deliver low-latency, near real-time replication of data to enable not only conventional descriptive analytics but also predictive analytics, AI-driven decisions, and time-sensitive IoT events.
  • You'll be prepared for increasing requests for data access thanks to Pro2's contemporary UX dashboard and UX Replication Wizard scalability for future development.

How does Pro2 differ from DataDirect?

DataDirect enables connectivity to any existing data source, on premise or in the cloud. Pro2 is a solution for proactive replication that replicates data from an OpenEdge database to another OpenEdge, Microsoft SQL or Oracle database.

Pro2 has a push mechanism that proactively pushes changes from the source data to the target data source. DataDirect on the other hand must be triggered and have a pull mechanism, providing access to data sources.

Get Started Today!

To access the vital data that exists inside OpenEdge applications, Progress DataDirect offers connectors that are quick, secure, and simple to use. This provides high availability through workload distribution and application failover, as well as broad data type compatibility to enable full functionality.

Interested in learning more? Click here.

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Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian

Jessica Malakian is a product marketing specialist at Progress who focuses primarily on Progress OpenEdge. Jessica is a recent college graduate and is excited to begin her professional journey with Progress. Outside of work, Jessica loves reading and writing. 


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