Progress DataDirect Now Connects to Denodo

Progress DataDirect Now Connects to Denodo

Posted on April 07, 2023 0 Comments

Progress DataDirect has added Denodo, a data virtualization software platform, to its catalog of connectors.

Denodo is one of those tech success stories every entrepreneur dreams of at night. Founded in 1999 and delivering on their first Denodo Platform in 2002, they have become one of the leaders in the very competitive data integration space. In fact, Gartner has ranked them a leader in the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools’ for three straight years!

You might be asking at this point, what does Denodo do exactly? Denodo is a Data Virtualization software platform that creates a single virtual layer to connect disparate data and provides unified access for consuming applications. These applications will use the semantic components defined in the virtual layer and reuse them when needed. Hence, Denodo is independent from the physical sources where the data is stored. 

Why DataDirect for Denodo?

And your next question, where does DataDirect fit into all this? That’s a fair question.

Firstly, with organizations needing to build high-performant and secure BI reports, DataDirect connects to your virtualized Denodo logical data fabric with our newly released Denodo JDBC Connector. To expand on that, the DataDirect Denodo JDBC driver will allow you to connect your favorite BI tool like Tableau, your existing application or your data governance/data integration application connectivity to your virtualized data fabric in Denodo. This provides the most efficient way to connect to applications that extract the value from the data.

Secondly: fault tolerance. In cases where applications need to push bulk changes like inserts, updates or deletes to Denodo, the batch operation is fault resilient via DataDirect. When processing an entire batch, even if there is an error with one of the parameters data, the DataDirect driver permits applications to complete a batch of massive amounts of records, all without an entire batch getting rolled back because of single error. The DataDirect driver also provides detailed reports on the failures to understand which row operation failed and the relevant error message. 

Thirdly, where would any mention of DataDirect be without talking about our strength as it pertains to security? When it comes to the new DataDirect Denodo Connector, we have you covered. This includes:

  • Data protection in transit with end-to-end encryption using TLS encryption 
  • Robust on-premises network security by allowing Denodo connections to route through a proxy
  • Transparent secure development practices, including:  
    • Veracode scans 
    • Statement of quality 
    • Robust security policy on third party updates 

We are excited to add Denodo to our catalog of connectors and feel it will be a huge asset to your Denodo investment. But don’t just take our word for it—come check it out for yourself. Learn more at Progress DataDirect JDBC Driver for Denodo evaluation, or if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Todd Wright Progress

Todd Wright

Todd Wright leads Global Product Marketing for OpenEdge and DataDirect solutions from Progress. He works closely with the product management and sales organizations to create and promote materials that are relevant and valuable to Progress customers. He is instrumental in developing customer relationships and creating strategic marketing plans that drive awareness, consideration, education and demand for Progress. 


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