Web Services


As part of SOA architecture, make web services available to corporate desktop applications such as reporting and analysis tools.

Issues and Alternatives

Most desktop applications used by business users run as Windows or UNIX applications that do not have built-in support for accessing services through SOAP.


Most reporting, analysis, and database applications can interface to data sources through ODBC or JDBC. Using OpenAccess SDK, you can create a custom ODBC or JDBC driver that exposes a web service as a virtual SQL database to access web services compliant applications—without requiring clients to change their applications.


See Open Up Web Services to Hundreds of ODBC and JDBC Compliant Applications (.pdf)


  • ODBC-enables web services like the ones exposed by or
  • Opens up access to web services applications
  • Enables customization and interoperability with web services
  • Allows hundreds of Windows and UNIX applications to leverage the investment being made in SOA
info More about OpenAccess SDK

Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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