Custom ODBC Driver for a Progress Application

Goal Need easy access to data contained in Progress applications (based on Progress Software's database) so that users can access the data from third-party reporting and analysis tools, such as Cognos, Business Objects, Brio, and Excel.
Issues and Alternatives Changes to the business logic in the Progress application are required to access the data. Progress Software provides a toolkit to access this logic from custom Java or .NET applications. However, it doesn't open up the data to third-party tools. Additionally, ODBC drivers are available for the Progress RDMS but these go directly to the data and not through the business logic.
Resolution Use OpenAccess SDK to implement a custom ODBC or JDBC driver with full SQL capability makes the data in Progress applications widely accessible to reporting and analysis tools. Most of these tools interface to data sources through ODBC or JDBC, which OpenAccess leverages to enable access to Progress data from any front-end tool.
Implementation See Custom ODBC Driver for a Progress Application (.pdf)
Benefits Provides access to Progress application data from hundreds of widely used third-party reporting and analysis tools for Windows and UNIX Allows any C/C++, Java, or .NET programmer without knowledge of SQL, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.NET to build an interface in days
Real World Example Construction Industry Solutions' flagship software product, COINS, was built using Progress. Thousands of clients use COINS on a daily basis to assist them in all areas of their business. Customers soon demanded to use Crystal Reports, Excel, and other tools to access the data contained in COINS. The company used OpenAccess SDK to implement a custom ODBC driver for COINS. They implemented the adapter code for OpenAccess in Java and accessed the Progress AppServer through Java proxy objects created using the Progress Open Client toolkit.