Integrate Data from Java and NET Data Sources into Native Applications


Access Java and .NET application data from standard desktop reporting, analysis, and database applications.

Issues and Alternatives

ISVs and other companies have made the transition to Java and .NET platforms. There is a need to migrate certain application layers to these more secure and modern platforms. However, most desktop applications run as native Windows or UNIX applications. Business users are demanding compatibility with the hundreds of applications used on the desktop.


Most desktop applications have the ability to interface to data through ODBC or JDBC. With OpenAccess SDK, you can leverage this feature to enable your Java and/or .NET application data to be accessed—without requiring clients to change their applications. Using OpenAccess SDK, you can quickly implement a custom JDBC driver with full SQL capability to bridge the native and virtual machine worlds.


See Integration of Data into Native Applications from .NET or Java Data Sources (.pdf)


  • Move your applications to .NET or Java without sacrificing connectivity from the hundreds of native Windows and UNIX applications that run on corporate desktops
  • Quickly implement a custom ODBC or JDBC driver over any data source that is accessible through C, C++, Java, or .NET
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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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