Application Modernization


Modernize existing screen or terminal based applications.

Issues and Alternatives

You can incrementally modernize these applications by adding a web and/or desktop GUI on top of the existing platform. This allows the existing modules to continue working while implementing the latest technologies and a new look to certain classes of users. The most flexible way to achieve this is to make the data source look like a relational database that is accessible using JDBC and SQL. This allows freedom in choosing development, reporting, and analysis tools that are ODBC / JDBC compliant.


DataDirect OpenAccess SDK allows a data source to expose a SQL interface with ODBC/JDBC drivers. OpenAccess provides an adapter that works tightly with the OpenAccess SQL engine to efficiently execute the data requests.


A state government agency had been using terminal based applications that access data on Concurrent Computers for many years. The agency wanted to enable the public to submit certain requests over the Web, but this required access to the data residing on the Concurrent system from the Web Server system.

The Concurrent System uses OpenAccess to allow its data to be accessed from Windows and Unix boxes using JDBC or ODBC. This enabled the agency to use IBM WebSphere and the JDBC connectivity provided by OpenAccess to implement a Web solution that worked in conjunction with the existing native applications.

The new Web based application was first developed on Windows using Java and then deployed on Solaris - both technologies that represent 20+ years of innovation over the existing legacy application platform and development environment.


  • Quickly modernize legacy or existing screen or terminal based applications.
  • Open access to legacy applications from standard desktop reporting and analysis tools.
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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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