Application Integration


Integrate existing applications with integration platforms from leading vendors like IBM, Oracle, webMethods, Microsoft and many others.

Issues and Alternatives

Many integration platforms support ODBC and JDBC. By making your data source appear like a relational data source, you leverage the rich support for relational database access in today's leading integration platforms.


Relational view of a data sources allows the application integration to work with your data records as if they were from a SQL database. This means well-known data types and language for selecting the required data.

DataDirect OpenAccess SDK allows your application to be made accessible using standards many integration platforms support—ODBC and JDBC. It provides efficient access to the data source by allowing the adapter developed for the data source to tightly work with the OpenAccess SQL engine to efficiently execute the data requests.


Quickly develop a standard interface to your integration platform, leveraging your investment and opening access to many existing applications.

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Develop a custom driver in ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET

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