Measure how well your chatbot works. NativeChat analytics gives you insight on the total number of conversations, opportunities for conversational improvement, retention rates, and step-by-step analysis of conversations.

The Challenge

Understanding the effectiveness of your chatbot and the efficiency of conversations requires a robust tracking and monitoring solution.

The Solution

NativeChat has built-in analytics for measuring user engagement, retention and conversation accuracy to ensure your chatbot is performing at its best.

Know Your Users

Analyze trends of completed vs. abandoned conversations, retention rates and understanding accuracy.

You can then easily use this information to enhance your bot's performance.

Analitycs Chart

Conversation History

Every conversation your bot has is stored in Conversation History. There you can find conversations based on a specific criteria and see how the bot performed.

Failed conversations (the ones that didn't achieve the goal) are marked in red so you can instantly find them and improve your bot's training or flow.

Analitycs Conversatio History2

Failing Steps

Know at which conversation step users stumble when talking to your chatbot.

When you identify the problematic step, you can adjust your training or cognitive flow for better results.

Analitycs Interaction Paths

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