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Keep Employees Informed
in Times of Crisis

An AI-driven chatbot that anyone can manage will quickly deliver the answers they need, even during COVID-19.

Enable Human Resources

With NativeChat, you don’t need to be a developer to create a chatbot capable of answering all the questions your employees might have. Give control of the chatbot’s knowledge base to your HR team so they can easily keep the questions and answers up to date—without delays for the end user.

Try It Yourself

Here’s a working chatbot ready to answer your questions about health and safety, travel policies, working-from-home arrangements and more.

Get answers to questions like “What is COVID-19”, “Safety concerns”, “Symptoms”, “Precautions”, “Infected employees” etc. Just follow the bot’s instructions and look for answers.

Get Started in Minutes

In a few simple steps you can create a chatbot using our sample questions and answers and modify it to make it your own—all in minutes.

Keep Your Workforce Safe and Productive

The COVID-19 global pandemic brings into sharp focus the need to keep remote workers continuously informed. Progress® NativeChat—a cognitive chatbot driven by artificial intelligence—can help provide the latest information, communicate about financial arrangements and help employees with their work-from-home setup—keeping them informed, productive and safe.

Progress offers a no-cost program that includes assistance from our NativeChat team to help you set up your bot.

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