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Ask Me Anything: Connectivity for Hybrid Data

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Enterprises are shifting to the cloud, but still need to support essential data systems that remain on-premises. A hybrid data approach is key to capitalizing on this data no matter where it resides, enabling users to access the data they need in a timely and compliant manner.

Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) is a single point of access to data stored in the cloud and on-premises. Without any custom coding, VPNs or tunnels, HDP gives you a scalable, customizable, cost-efficient way of accessing vital data—even behind a firewall.

Learn how to thrive in the hybrid data landscape at our upcoming Q&A. Watch as the DataDirect team answers your questions about all things data connectivity, touching on:

  • How you can benefit using a hybrid approach to data connection
  • Why Salesforce users are some of the biggest beneficiaries of HDP
  • How HDP uses standards-based interfaces to connect to BI tools and SaaS apps