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CFO Thought Leader November 16, 2017

343: From CAO to CFO | Paul Jalbert, CFO, Progress

As a chief accounting officer for a large telecom, Paul Jalbert has had a career that has led him to routinely relocate as the large company sought to more tightly integrate different regional operations. Preferring to put an end to his relocation habit and stay put with his family in the Northeast, Paul saw a door swing open and entered the CFO office of Progress Software of Bedford, MA.

Becker's Health IT and CIO Review November 8, 2017

Four things every CIO needs to do to accelerate mHealth innovation

The healthcare technology industry has been booming in recent times, with many healthcare providers across the globe investing in technology to streamline and improve healthcare delivery and reporting. From telehealth to facilities management to patient condition tracking, technology is being used in nearly every facet of healthcare operations. In fact, Juniper Research reported that in four years, more than 157 million people will be using mobile health tools.

IT Brief October 29, 2017

Interview: Progress on cognitive computing, IoT & the future of app development

The future of business and software development is complex. In order to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications that effectively deal with this complexity and volatility, IT organisations must become lean and agile.That's the word from Dmitri Tcherevik, the chief technology officer of Progress, an application and software development company that recently acquired DataRPM.

Dynamic Business October 24, 2017


In the modern business era, technology that was once the stuff of science fiction (hello robots) is now a reality – or, at the very least, a near-future prospect –  with massive benefits for organisations that leverage it. It makes one wonder… what will be the next big game changer in business technology?  

App Developer Magazine October 10, 2017

Progress talks Kendo UI Builder v2

Not all companies are building applications from scratch today, so businesses must take into consideration the investments made in web applications in the past and leverage it as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

Internet of Business October 10, 2017

Progress: How can government get IoT right?

Government and IT projects – not a great track record. In the UK, while government IT projects are improving, a recent report from the Infrastructure and Projects Authority shows that eight out of 39 IT projects currently being tracked are rated amber or red, meaning that successful delivery is in doubt.

TechTarget September 21, 2017

Seven buying factors to compare mobile app dev platforms

Many vendors now offer mobile app development platforms to streamline app building and deployment across multiple device types. Since there are so many mobile app dev platforms, it's not always clear how products differ and which products might be the best fit for an organization.

IT Brief September 21, 2017

Ride the artificial intelligence wave: Four technologies making AI accessible

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer pure science fiction, relegated to books, television and dystopian movies - we’re well past that point today. Growth and investment in AI have been astonishing, and its set to continue with Gartner predicting AI technologies will be in almost all new software by 2020.  

Dynamic Business September 20, 2017


“How can Australia’s e-retailers best prepare for Amazon?” That’s the question Dynamic Business put to nearly 20 entrepreneurs and industry experts, this week, for our exclusive “Let’s Talk…” article, centering on Ecommerce.

Internet Retailing September 20, 2017

How to stay competitive in the Amazon era

Anticipating the e-commerce and cloud giant’s arrival, Australian retailers have been hurriedly transforming in recent years. We’re seeing brands such as Myer, Woolworths and The Iconic heavily investing in their online and omnichannel portfolio.

Release September 15, 2017

Progress CEO Yogesh Gupta: “Tomorrow's applications will be smart”

Progress CEO Yogesh Gupta talks to Release about the company's recent acquisitions and cognitive-first strategy. 

Information Management September 15, 2017

Adoption of, satisfaction with, big data on the rise

A growing number of organizations are investing in big data deployments, and more of them are reporting success with those efforts.

insideBIGDATA September 13, 2017

2017 Data Connectivity Outlook

Our friends over at Progress revealed some new findings from their 2017 Data Connectivity Outlook global survey. In the 4th annual survey based on responses from 1,200 business and IT professionals around the world, the results validate the explosive growth seen in SaaS data sources and the common challenges faced when trying to connect to data in a hybrid environment.

Next Reality September 12, 2017

Plattar, NativeScript & Gadget Flow Offer Tools for ARKit Apps

The release of iOS 11 and ARKit is probably the biggest event for mobile developers since the advent of the App Store. Since ARKit is compatible with the popular AR development tools, namely Unity and Unreal, the learning curve is not very steep for developers.

Global Manufacturing September 9, 2017

The future disruptors of industry: AR, VR, and cognitive

In the early 12th century, one of the earliest innovations in production lines occurred. Workers in the Venetian Arsenal produced ships by moving them down a canal, stopping regularly to be fitted with a new part. Throughout the years since, new innovations from process to robotics have given businesses the critical edge.

TechTarget September 7, 2017

Making the final leap from IoT insights to decisions

Businesses looking to take advantage of the internet of things are deploying a wide array of digital devices and sensors, which gives them access to an unprecedented amount of raw data. However, for many businesses (especially small to midsize companies), managing all this data and capitalizing on it to the fullest extent can be difficult.

IDG Connect September 5, 2017

Enterprise GitHub projects of the week: Envoy, NativeScript, & OpenShift

Open Source is everywhere. Open Source is now the primary development model for the most successful companies, according to Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin.
“Every major category of software is being dominated by Open Source, and it is now expanding markets and creating innovation,” he said at an event last year. “Open Source has become the new norm for software development.”

InfoWorld September 5, 2017

When big data meets innovation: cognitive platforms

For the longest time, the structure of a typical business application remained the same. Implementation details could vary, but the solution invariably consisted of the front end, the business logic, and the data management layer.

Business Cloud August 31, 2017

Adopt AI or Face Path of Irreversible Decline

A boss at leading global software firm Progress says companies which don’t go all-in on artificial intelligence face “a path of irreversible decline”. Mark Armstrong is a VP and international MD at the Massachusetts –based firm which originally spun out of MIT in 1981.

InfoWorld August 30, 2017

NativeScript: Build native iOS and Android apps with JavaScript

Today, enterprise developers have an enormous number of frameworks at their disposal to build mobile applications. A popular approach is to use a framework such as Apache Cordova to build “hybrid” mobile apps, which allow developers to leverage web development skills and still tap native smartphone features like geolocation and the accelerometer.