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iT Wire May 29, 2018

Progress with AWS Offers 'First' IIoT Self-Service Option for Anomaly Detection and Prediction

Progress. It's not just a thing or a concept, but a company which bills itself as "the leading provider of application development and deployment technologies".

The company has just announced the availability of its new "Progress DataRPM self-service anomaly detection and prediction option for the Industrial Internet of Things market".

SD Times May 22, 2018

Progress Labs Discusses Blockchain, AR/VR, Microapps Projects

In development since the beginning of the year, three projects in the most innovative areas of technology were announced today by Progress Labs, the internal incubator at Progress. The work focuses on blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and microapps.

Computer Weekly May 14, 2018

Progress: Developer Chatbot Tools Are Now ‘A Thing’

We need more chatbots and we need them to be more intelligently fuelled by AI and machine learning and big data analytics functions, obviously. We also need more chatbot tools for developers to build better chatbot User Interfaces (UI), perhaps less obviously than our opening statement. Let’s face it, developer chatbot tools are now ‘a thing’. Among the companies now seeking to build in this space is Progress (pls pronounce Prog-Ress, not Prow-Gress) — the firm has now added conversational UI components for Telerik and Kendo UI.

Channel Futures May 11, 2018

Progress Goes Cognitive-First, Helps Usher in New Practice for MSPs

Progress has been making application-development tools for more than 30 years. Maybe you know it by its more familiar name, Progress Software. However, like most businesses in the digital-transformation era, it’s had to rethink its strategy. The slimmed-down software vendor now touts a cognitive-first strategy. 

Release May 10, 2018

The New and Improved Chatbot - What It Means for Business

Until recently, when you thought of a chatbot, you probably thought of something relatively simple - another format for that automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that you’ve heard on the phone. Those traditional chatbots (just like IVR systems) tend to fulfil basic tasks, but quickly falter if you try to say anything they don’t expect, or even just talk in an order they weren’t programmed for. While they do save time in some instances, the threshold for when escalation to a human operator would provide a better customer experience is not very high.

IT Brief May 10, 2018

Progress Enables Developers To Quickly Add Chatbots To Apps

Progress announced the addition of conversational UI components for Telerik and Kendo UI, the industry’s first packaged set of user interface (UI) components built specifically for chatbots. The components offered as part of the popular Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI developer tooling, enable .NET and JavaScript developers to create enhanced natural conversational experiences across platforms and devices, on any chatbot framework, including Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Facebook Wit.ai, Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, and more.

App Developer Magazine May 8, 2018

Making Chatbots Seem More Human with a New Conversational UI

Progress announced the availability of Conversational UI, a packaged set of user interface (UI) components built specifically for chatbots. The components, as part of the popular Telerik and Kendo UI developer tooling, enable .NET and JavaScript developers to create enhanced natural conversational experiences across platforms and devices, on many chatbot frameworks - including Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Facebook Wit.ai, Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, and Progress NativeChat.

CRN May 8, 2018

2018 Mobility 100: 15 Coolest Mobile App Development Platforms

The question of whether businesses need to be on mobile has been answered with a resounding "yes." Now the question for businesses has shifted to, "How fast can we get there?" Leading providers of mobile application development platforms for business apps offer a range of methods for rapid development of apps -- including low- and no-code methods -- along with powerful capabilities for easily connecting to back ends and for deploying the same app code across device platforms. To give a sense of the key players offering mobile app development platforms right now, we've rounded up 15 of the coolest vendors.

SD Times May 8, 2018

Innovative Tools Showcased at Microsoft Build Conference

Several new and updated tools showcased at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle revealed how partners are following the trends toward AI, new software architectures and modernization. SD Times takes a look at their news announcements.

Daily Cargo News May 4, 2018

Progress and Wärtsilä do a cloud deal

MARINE and energy technology provider Wärtsilä has confirmed it will use Progress Sitefinity software, implemented by Progress partner Siili Solutions, to redesign and relaunch its website.

CMS Connected May 3, 2018

A Fair Review of the Top Web CMS Platforms - Sitefinity

Sitefinity offers ease of use for marketers and developers, enabling organizations to get digital initiatives to market fast. Sitefinity is easily extensible and excels in headless or traditional deployment scenarios with a rapid, cost-effective rollout of digital properties, outstanding user experiences and engaged customers.

Inside Small Business May 2, 2018

Should small businesses invest in chatbot technology now?

As widely predicted, AI-powered chatbots are no longer exclusive to Fortune 500 companies. According to a recent Research and Markets study, the global chatbots market is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 32.78 per cent by 2023, reaching a total market size of US$895.27 million from US$163.34 million in 2017.

IoT Agenda May 1, 2018

Chatbots and IIoT: What could they possibly have in common?

The traditional chatbot isn’t much better than being stuck in phone tree hell. This is because they are created using a laborious coding process based on extensive decision trees that attempt to mimic every possible user interaction. They provide a stilted experience based on “if-then-else” logic that doesn’t follow a natural conversation.

Manufacturing Business Technology May 1, 2018

A Cognitive Approach Is Necessary For Recall Prevention

Just days into 2018, yet another major company was forced to issue a significant product recall. This time it was HP, which recalled 50,000 computer batteries that were overheating and causing burn hazards for customers.

SD Times May 1, 2018

Using hybrid mobile to your advantage

It is no longer a question of “should I build a mobile app?” Digital businesses have begun to realize mobile app development is necessary to not only stay competitive, but to achieve customer satisfaction

Inc. April 30, 2018

4 Small Tweaks That Could Save Your Business Millions

Running a business of any size can be a challenge, filled with major decisions overwhelming you at every moment. But what if just a few slight adjustments could save your bottom line and open up space to focus on innovation and growth?

IT Pro Portal April 20, 2018

Is your business ready to go cognitive-first?

We no longer have to imagine the idea of talking robots and artificial intelligence via sci-fi literature and future-gazing motion pictures. With the power of cognitive-first applications and machine learning, organisations around the world are leveraging cognitive computing across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, marketing and defence to name just a few. 

Supply Chain Dive April 19, 2018

Here's how Digital Twins could stem equipment failure

Identical twins don’t always look the same with age. But if they lead the same lifestyles, they’ll likely look similar as the years go on. And as it so happens, the same can be said about machines.

Business IT Australia April 14, 2018

Four chatbot providers compared

Progress NativeChat is a recently released product designed to help develop and deploy chatbots. An important feature is that it is designed to be trained with data from existing systems.