Networks Asia June 19, 2014

New survey finds demand for PaaS on the Rise

A new age of ‘Develop Your Own Application’ is driving demand for rapid application development PaaS technologies.

Enterprise Apps Today June 18, 2014

Taking a PaaS on Mobile App Development

PaaS technologies can help companies reduce mobile app development times and costs, according to a new Progress-sponsored survey.

Datacentre Solutions June 18, 2014

Survey finds demand for PaaS on the rise

According to a Progress-sponsored survey, there is soaring demand for PaaS architecture from organizations looking for faster development and deployment cycles.

Business Spectator June 18, 2014

Citizen Developers: A fresh approach to business applications

New technologies bring about one of the most significant technology trends forecast for the next couple of years: The Citizen Developer.

Cloud Channel TV June 18, 2014

Journey into the Cloud

Colleen Smith discusses application development 30 years ago vs. today.

Information Age June 17, 2014

New survey finds demand for PaaS on the rise

Vance Bourne research sponsored by Progress shows the demand for PaaS is on the rise.

App Developer Magazine June 12, 2014

Dr. Dobb's June 12, 2014

The Monitoring-Aware App Cometh

Progress aims to build the "constantly monitored and optimized" cloud app.

eWeek June 11, 2014

Progress Nabs Modulus for Node.js, MongoDB Expertise

More about why Progress acquired Modulus to take advantage of Node.js and MongoDB focused technology.

SDTimes June 11, 2014

Progress acquires Modulus to strengthen Node.js offerings

Karen Padir outlines the details of Progress’ acquisition of Modulus.

Information Management June 10, 2014

Modulus Acquisition Marks Progress for Node.js

Progress announces its “next generation” development platform in the acquisition of Modulus

The Boston Globe June 9, 2014

Progress Software acquires Modulus

More about the acquisition of Modulus, an Ohio-based company that has developed a cloud platform designed to “handle floods of data requests.”

Cincinnati Enquirer June 9, 2014

Local startup Modulus sold to public tech company

Progress acquires Modulus, a cloud platform startup out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Database Trends and Applications June 9, 2014

Progress Acquires PaaS Vendor

Progress acquires PaaS vendor, Modulus.

Saugatuck Technology Blog June 9, 2014

Modulus Acquisition Marks Progress for Node.js

Progress takes on new Node.js and MongoDB focused platform as a service technology with the acquisition of Modulus.

Boston Business Journal June 9, 2014

Progress Software Corp. acquires Ohio company

Progress announces the acquisition of Ohio-based PaaS company, Modulus.

Enterprise Software Musings June 9, 2014

Progress Acquires Modulus

Information about the acquisition of Modulus and how Progress is taking steps to create value for our large install base.

Programmable Web June 9, 2014

Progress Software Acquires Modulus to Move Into Node.js and MongoDB Worlds

Mike Vizard explains why Progress' acquisition of Modulus is so significant.