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Computer Weekly

Progress goes opens on Windows UI library

February 9, 2017

Forbes Bulgaria March 4, 2014

Network World March 3, 2014

Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine March 1, 2014

Case Study: ERP System Helps Chemical Distributor Boost Productivity

When you are responsible for manufacturing and distributing over 10,000 different products, real-time visibility is critical to running an efficient and agile business. Haviland Enterprises, Inc. relies on the Chempax enterprise resource planning solution from Datacor, Inc. to do just that. Based on the Progress OpenEdge application development platform, the Chempax ERP system was developed specifically for process

Lens360 February 27, 2014

Infrastructure and Cloud Platforms Panel – Synergy Enabling Innovation (CBS2013)

Colleen Smith discusses infrastructure and cloud platforms on her Cloud Business Summit 2013 panel.

App Developer Magazine February 26, 2014

IT Knowledge Exchange February 26, 2014

Pre-modernization assessment imperative for successful application modernization

Karen Padir explains the importance of doing a modernization assessment of your applications.

APM Digest February 25, 2014

15 Reasons Why You Need APM in 2014 - Part Two

Karen Padir explains how PaaS makes APM even more significant in the year 2014.

BCW February 25, 2014

Do It Yourself! The Citizen Developer

Ramesh Loganathan explains how with PaaS apps can be developed using simple web-based development tools and then deployed on the cloud without the need for programming code.

Business Times Singapore February 24, 2014

Building apps with little programming

Progress takes the ease of cloud development to the next level with Progress Pacific, making it a quick and easy process to develop applications in the cloud.

MicroScope February 24, 2014

Five Minute Interview: Mark Armstrong, Progress Software

Learn more about Mark Armstrong, Managing Director of EMEA at Progress.

Boston Business Journal February 21, 2014