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ZDNet November 10, 2016

Chatbots gain more sophistication and popularity for business applications

Thanks to developments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, chatbots are changing the way businesses communicate with the world - including their customers.

SD Times November 9, 2016

Developer relations can grow without having to prove ROI

The decision-makers, dreamers, hackers and creators known as developers are the key players who are driving demand for the latest and greatest tools. Now they have become the customers that companies are turning to as a way to extend their products and businesses.

Huffington Post October 21, 2016

Beyond The Crystal Ball - What It Means To Be A Visionary In Today’s Technology Landscape

The word ‘visionary’ conjures up all sorts of images; not least a futurist with crystal ball-like abilities. But in today’s tech landscape the demands on becoming a visionary have changed significantly, with three specific dynamics affecting the requirements of the job. Embracing or ignoring these will be the difference between success and failure.

Tech Target October 21, 2016

NativeScript framework eases cross-platform app development woes

At a recent NativeScript conference in Boston, Burke Holland, director of developer relations at Progress, sat down for an exclusive interview about cross-platform app development.

MarketingSherpa October 20, 2016

B2C Marketing: Automotive retailer exceeds annual car sales goal by 22% with customer-focused CMS

With seven brands to sell, Tampa-based automotive retailer Reeves Import Motorcars had to appeal to a broad base of customers, while complying with a broad base of brands during a CMS overhaul. See how the team drove a 300% increase in site visits with this redesign and exceeded the annual car sales goal by 22%.

CMS Critic October 18, 2016

CMS Critic Interviews Tom Berger, VP of Digital Marketing at Progress

Progress, the company behind the enterprise-grade CMS Sitefinity, has been working away at their award-winning software ever since they purchased it as part of Telerik for over $260M back in 2014. They united Sitefinity CMS and the Telerik Digital Experience Cloud, helped churn out a range of new features over the last year or so, and have of course injected extra funds into the operation.

Baseline Magazine October 14, 2016

Companies Lag in Digital Marketing Efforts

As technology continues to advance and a growing number of processes are digitized, digital marketing becomes more critical to business success. Organizations need to have integrated technology systems and processes, along with the ability to centrally analyze data from customer interactions. However, a survey of 700 marketing professionals from a range of industries, mostly based in the United States and Canada, concluded that the companies had an overall rank of "intermediate" for digital marketing maturity, suggesting room for improvement.

FiereCMO October 13, 2016

2016 Women to Watch in B2B marketing

Over the past year, the B2B marketing landscape has continued to evolve, with marketers focused on tactics like account-based marketing, making the most of customer data and analytics technology, and providing top-notch personalized customer experiences. The marketers on FiereCMO’s list are on the cutting edge of these trends and more, while leading their organizations through an increasingly complex B2B ecosystem.

Barron’s October 11, 2016

Progress Software Names Gupta as New CEO Replacing Pead

Shares of software development tools maker Progress Software (PRGS) are up 2 cents in late trading at $27.72, after the company this afternoon announced that its CEO, Phil Pead, will retire, handing the reins to Yogesh Gupta, who previously served as CEO of startups such as Kaseya, a cloud software operator for IT management, and FatWire Software, a vendor of “web experience management software.”

CIO.com October 11, 2016

7 attributes of a successful CMO in the digital age

Conducting market research. Overseeing branding and messaging. Working with the sales team to drive revenue. These were the traditional responsibilities of a CMO. And they still are. But with the rise of digital marketing and social media, as well as video and mobile technologies and analytics and CRM, the role and responsibilities of CMO have grown and evolved.

eMarketer October 5, 2016

B2B Firms Have Several Marketing Tech Systems to Integrate

Business software firm Progress, which offers products including content management systems and customer experience solutions, and Dimensional Research surveyed B2B firms primarily in the Americas about their adoption and use of marketing tech. In only one area did a majority of respondents say they were “advanced”: ad networks.

SD Times September 30, 2016

What is the current state of AI?

With all of the advancements made in artificial intelligence and machine learning today, there seems to be an influx of tools and solutions that are starting to leverage cognitive capabilities. But do these tools and solutions actually reflect the true meaning of AI?

CIO.com September 20, 2016

The tale of two Silicon Valley cities leads to APIs

Whether they're scientific, social or administrative, it's safe to say that APIs make the world work. This, of course, is no surprise. As TechCrunch contributors Matt Murphy and Steve Sloane clearly point out in "The Rise of APIs," APIs have been a key part of software development for decades. Furthermore, programmers understand that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

No Jitter September 6, 2016

Digital Transformation or Digital Denial?

Digital technologies are radically transforming every facet of business. From the customer experience to employee engagement, user expectations keep growing. Yet many organizations have been resistant to change. This inaction now leaves digital decision makers facing a stark reality: They must digitally transform to survive -- and do it quickly.

Enterprise Apps Today September 2, 2016

DevOps, Digital Transformation Go Together

DevOps, which Wikipedia defines as "a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes," will play a key role in digital transformation strategies for many companies, according to Everest Group's annual report on application services.

Integration Developer News September 1, 2016

Progress DataDirect To Offer ‘Day One Support’ To Keep Pace with Changes to Popular Big Data Platforms

Enterprises continue to struggle to keep up with frequent release cycles for many big data and cloud offerings. Enter Progress, which is looking to end the frustration of keeping end-to-end projects up and running with its new DataDirect’s Day One Support program.

App Developer Magazine August 23, 2016

How Will Pokemon Go Change the Way Developers Build Apps

It seems like everyone is playing Pokémon Go, the Pokémon collecting application that took the world’s mobile devices by storm. While the gaming phenomenon is all the rage among individual users who have got to catch ‘em all, the app’s innovative combo of GPS and augmented reality technologies will have a long-term impact on mobile and business strategies as companies digitally transform their businesses.

Entrepreneur August 22, 2016

Coding in the Classroom: Learning the Future Language of Business

Being multilingual is certainly a notable attribute, but in addition to spoken vernaculars, there are other languages arguably more integral in shaping the future of business -- namely, the coding languages that make up enterprises’ robust backend structures. These languages are fast becoming more important for students to learn an early age.

FierceCMO August 22, 2016

Poll: Marketing tech integration improving, still work to be done

Marketing organizations have embraced marketing automation and technology solutions but are still working on fully integrating the systems they have in place, with a recent poll showing most teams require manual processes to get their systems to work properly.

TechTarget August 10, 2016

Digital migration ultimatum advises the time for change is now

Progress Software is best known for its application development tools and venerable database. Recently, however, it became known for stirring up the cloud computing landscape, publishing a 32-page call to arms for businesses large and small. As this manifesto puts it, "deny and fade, or survive and thrive." To explain what it is calling a "digital ultimatum," Mark Troester, vice president of solutions marketing at Progress, spoke exclusively with SearchCloudApplications.