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DataDirect Cloud capabilities are now available as Hybrid Data Pipeline, which is our self-hostable hybrid connectivity solution that you can run in any cloud or on-premises. Just like DataDirect Cloud, Hybrid Data Pipeline gives you:

  • Firewall-friendly access to any on-premises data source
  • Standard SQL (ODBC, JDBC) or REST (OData) connectors for any data source
  • A standard interface to access any Cloud data sources

Hybrid Data Pipeline is an embeddable, vendor-agnostic service engineered for the cloud. Our  lightweight data gateway provides applications the ability to directly access any on-premises or cloud data in real-time.


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Organizations are now facing 3 major problems: 1. Keeping up with data access needs to the proliferating SaaS sources 2. Accessing data from behind the firewall 3. Making data from their home-grown apps available to other apps. Learn how Hybrid Data Pipeline can help you easily solve these problems.

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