Using Technology to Transform Data and Stay Ahead

Using Technology to Transform Data and Stay Ahead

Posted on August 10, 2016 0 Comments

Stay on top of current trends by innovating boldly—implementing the latest technology with a trusted partner can be a huge differentiator for your business.

In a business environment where technology is changing rapidly, for an enterprise to be successful it needs to have a firm understanding of the latest tools and capabilities on the market. Even if your organization is not strictly a technology company, it’s important to keep a lookout for the ways technology can help serve your business interests.

By keeping one eye focused on the future, you can avoid the trap of complacency that causes your customers to drift and opens the door for disruptive competitors. But transforming your business isn’t something you can just do once and forget about—it requires regular strategic reevaluation. As technology continues to shift and move forward, so must you.

When Cutting Edge Stops Cutting

When you’re doing everything right, it can be hard to feel the need to change, but the companies that are on top are only there because they don’t stand still. York Risk Services, the top catastrophe and large loss claims management firm in the industry, is one such leader. Fifteen years ago, they modernized their claims management system for the then-emerging web marketplace.

They moved quickly then, and their efforts put them ahead of the curve. York’s clients could suddenly see the same data that their adjusters saw, and in real-time—a real differentiator in the market, and one that helped establish them as a technology leader.

However, 15 years is an eternity in the world of tech. As time passed, York realized it needed to modernize its existing systems. Not only that, but it needed to be ready to transform again using the latest technology if it wanted to maintain its status as an industry leader—and provide the most value for their customers.

Power the Present and Look Ahead

York had teamed up with Progress OpenEdge for its first transformation, and continued to look to Progress as it faced new challenges. In recent years, it freed up resources by migrating their database application to OpenEdge Managed Database Administration Services, and improved customized reporting access for clients with OpenEdge Pro2.

“We initially went with Progress OpenEdge because of the low cost of entry, and we ended up with a very rich solution set that let us build good software,” reflected Sam Mooney, VP of Information technology at York.

Even as it added new capabilities to its current offerings, York realized there were new challenges—and opportunities—that were ahead in the changing digital environment.

With a goal of revamping the user experience, they began by working with Progress on a proof-of-concept for a modern responsive user interface for their existing applications. While this was successful, York was setting their sights on a bigger target as well. They wanted to transform their transactional data in ways that directly impact the bottom line for their clients.

Progress gives us the ability to build data warehouses and construct data lakes where we can start to see quality information that can deliver new knowledge to customers,” Mooney said.  “The focus for us is to provide a different experience—one that provides quicker, easier and cleaner access to data.”

Count on a Trusted Partner

York has counted on Progress for years, and in changing times, they depend on the trusted relationship as a source of stability.

“Progress is a partner and trusted advisor,” said Mooney. “Between Progress OpenEdge and Consulting Services, we rely on them every day to help us make sure we run our application the best way we can run it.”

Learn more about how OpenEdge MDBA and Pro2  can help your organization transform. You can also learn more about the full story of York Risk Services right here, or by watching the video below.

Barbara Ware

Barbara Ware is Sr. Product Marketing Manager, responsible for positioning and messaging OpenEdge and OpenEdge Professional Services. She has 19+ years of experience in technology marketing leadership, strategy, content, communications and lead generation activities. You can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @barbara_ware.


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