The Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Contest: Accept the Challenge to Win Prizes

The Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Contest: Accept the Challenge to Win Prizes

Posted on May 11, 2021 0 Comments
Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Challenge-hero
It’s official. The Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Contest is open. Have you got what it takes?

Migrating Sitefinity to the .NET Core framework is well underway. The introduction of the new .NET Core Renderer is the first step in a longer ongoing project that should help you speed up and simplify project development.

Now, it’s your turn to go hands-on with the new Sitefinity presentation engine built on .NET Core and test your skills against other Sitefinity developers. The starter kit for devs enables you to build your own page with .NET Core and enter it into our coding challenge.

The Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Challenge

TL;DR: create your first Sitefinity .NET Core project, put it in GitHub and submit this form to enter the fray.

Here go the contest rules in full but the short and simple of it is the 3Cs:

  • Cool looks (design and layout)
  • Clean code
  • Complexity and Innovation (bonus points for multiple custom widgets created)
Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Challenge

To give you an extra bit of context, we had impressive turnout at a webinar in February where we shared more information on how the .NET Core technology is being introduced into Sitefinity. I followed that up with a blog post to answer all the questions we received about Sitefinity and .NET Core migration.

The Sitefinity .NET Core Starter Kit

Long story short, .NET Core works great 😊 and delivers a whole new editor experience. Built on a three-tier architecture, development is extremely fast, performance is outstanding and I guess no one will miss this old friend (all Sitefinity devs out there, you know what I mean) …

Sitefinity Warmup Screen

In decoupled fashion, the frontend development happens into a separate .NET Core project and calls Sitefinity OData APIs to retrieve system and content data.

Now, since I truly appreciate your effort, here’s another tip for everyone who’s made it this far. In the following GitHub repo, there is a sample .NET Core page created within our Quantum demo website, which is ready to be your playground.

Follow the instructions and you should have a similar looking page on your end.

Sitefinity .NET Core Sample page

And, there is more … Our frontend developer Nikolay has created a great guide with step-by-step instructions on how this specific page was built. Check it out to see just how flexible and straightforward Sitefinity development is with .NET Core.

Everything you need to know is there, just connect the dots and create your first Sitefinity .NET Core project. Be among the first to experience the future and get on the right side of the line between ninjas and wannabes.

How to Win

Well, forgive me for stating the obvious but copying and pasting the kick-starter project doesn’t count :D.

Sitefinity .NET Core Coding Challenge-winner

Use it as your playground and reverse engineer it if you have to, but be creative and build your own project of at least one proper-sized page. Give it your best shot and don’t be afraid to experiment.

In case you have questions or need some sort of feedback, you can always reach out via the social media or in the comment section here. The dedicated .NET Core space in our community is also a good place to connect.

Let the challenge begin and may .NET Core be with you.

Enter Challenge

Remember, you have until May 31* to submit your entry, so you’d better get busy. There’s no expiration date on curiosity and inspiration though. Look me up on LinkedIn or get in touch in the community to talk all things Sitefinity and .NET Core.

* The contest ends on May 31  at 11 p.m. ET.

Peter Filipov

Peter Filipov

Peter Filipov (Pepi) is a Product Builder focused on building the future of Sitefinity, relying on the newest technologies such as .NET 6 (and up), React and Angular. His previous experience as a Developer Advocate and Manager of Engineering helps him to understand the customers’ and market needs of Sitefinity. He also is passionate about being active and healthy.


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