Practical Applications of AI to Prioritize for Your DXP

Artificial Intelligence Is Key to Maximizing Your Digital Experience Success

AI is central to an immersive digital experience. It supports key processes like building comprehensive customer segment profiles, connecting multiple systems to automate workflows, engaging visitors with personalized content across channels, and much more. 

With customer expectations for personalized, intuitive experiences on the rise, now is the best time to explore opportunities for AI within your digital experience platform (DXP). However, with all the different DXP capabilities, it's difficult to identify where to prioritize AI to make the most of it. 

This infographic offers insights from IT and marketing leaders on AI, looking at:

  • What the most impactful AI use cases are
  • How mid-market organizations prioritize their AI investment and strategy
  • How to move forward with implementing AI easily and cost-effectively
AI removes the many business and technical barriers organizations experience when evolving their DXP. Download this infographic today and learn how AI can help maximize your success. 


About this survey report

Progress and Pulse QA surveyed 100 global technology and marketing executives to uncover how they're planning to level-up their DX via AI, and the initiatives they'll prioritize optimizing first. 

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