Standard SQL Connectivity to Marketo Data

Standard SQL Connectivity to Marketo Data

December 18, 2015 0 Comments

In this post, Jared Douglas explains how using an elastic cloud service and unifying your SaaS strategy can make your job easier. We're also pleased to announce our partnership with Marketo LaunchPoint Technology.

While many SaaS apps like Marketo and Salesforce have well-documented APIs for accessing data, juggling these disparate APIs, each of which are updated on different schedules, can be a nightmare for organizations attempting projects that require access to multiple data sources. Often, this leaves them longing for a simpler way of doing things, such as leveraging interoperable standards based connectivity.

In this scenario, organizations can benefit greatly from an elastic cloud service like Progress® DataDirect Cloud®. In fact, Progress is pleased to announce that we are officially a Marketo LaunchPoint Technology Partner, offering direct SQL access via ODBC and JDBC to Marketo data through DataDirect Cloud.

A Simpler Way

DataDirect Cloud makes life easy for marketers, data scientists, developers and anyone else who needs access to Marketo data. It creates a logical schema for data exposed by Marketo’s integration APIs and abstracts those APIs such that end users without knowledge of Marketo APIs can work with the data and be instantly productive.

Popular “out-of-the-box” use cases for DataDirect Cloud include:

  • Data Discovery and Visualization (Qlik, Tableau, SAP Lumira)
  • Enterprise Reporting (SAP Business Objects, Microstrategy, Cognos)
  • Data Integration (SQL Server Integration Services—SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator—ODI, Informatica)
  • Data Federation (SQL Server Linked Server, SAP Hana SDA, Oracle Database Gateway)
  • Ad Hoc Query (Microsoft Office, DB Visualizer, Aqua Data Studio)
  • Data Preparation (Alteryx, Trifecta, Paxata)

Unify Your SaaS Strategy

In addition to the benefits it brings to Marketo users specifically, DataDirect Cloud can help solve challenges in building connectivity across multiple cloud sources. For example, not all SaaS APIs are created equal, so DataDirect Cloud unifies these by enabling standard SQL queries. Additionally, as a cloud service, DataDirect Cloud can take some weight off the client application server or desktop, improving application performance and freeing up memory/CPU resources for other tasks.

Get Started

Chief Data Evangelist at Progress, Sumit Sarkar, has an awesome guest post over on the Marketo developers blog to get you started with DataDirect Cloud. Check it out, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.

Get started with a free trial of DataDirect Cloud today!

Jared Douglas

Jared Douglas is a Marketing Specialist at Progress, working on the DataDirect business. Since earning his Bachelor's degree at North Carolina State University, he has been responsible for coordinating content for the Data Connections blog and talking about the latest and greatest from the world of data connectivity and integration.

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