Small Data, Big Impact: Get To Know Your Customers Day

Small Data, Big Impact: Get To Know Your Customers Day

Posted on October 20, 2016 0 Comments
Get To Know Your Customers Day

Happy #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay! We want to get to know you better and learn how to help you succeed. Here’s how you can help!

The goal of Progress DataDirect is to help you transform your data connectivity experience. We want to enable you to connect any data source to any application faster and smarter than anyone else. That’s where you come in—we can guess your favorite content, but we’d rather hear from you!

In the age of Big Data, it is easy to get caught up in the market research and trends and completely overlook individual relationships. That’s where your “Small Data” can make a BIG impact. You tell us what data insights you are interested in and we will create that content!

Are These Your 10 Favorite Posts?

As I said, we can make some great educated guesses about what we think will help you the most, but without your input, it is just that—an educated guess.

Here are your top 10 favorite posts. Comment below if you have more favorites or suggestions.

  1. What OData is and Why You Need It

    What OData is and Why You Need ItA new standard that we’ve been working with is OData. When you think about OData, you should think REST/JSON because it’s basically a standardized REST interface. This means that whenever you are able to get to a RESTful interface, you can use the OData standard.

    So whether you’re programming on Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, or trying to use a cloud based application such as Salesforce Lightning Connect to enrich your Salesforce data, OData can be there to help you out.

  2. Checklist to Transition to Big Data Operational Readiness

    A Checklist to Transition to Big Data Operational ReadinessMoving to a Big Data platform intimidates even the largest and most experienced enterprises. From selecting reliable data sources to integrating your data and training employees on a new system, it is by no means a small task. That’s why we are here to help. Our team developed an in depth guide to help you through the process of moving to a Big Data platform.
  3. Solution to "current transaction is aborted" error for PostgreSQL compatibility with ODBC/JDBC

    ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

    Solution to current transaction is aborted error for PostgreSQL compatibility with ODBC-JDBC

    Developers either love or hate this PostgreSQL, or Postgres, error. For developers new to Postgres or expanding Postgres support to their applications, the perspective is a little different since they find out that Postgres handles transactions differently than common databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL.

  4. New Tableau to MongoDB ODBC connection that respects NoSQL data

    New Tableau to MongoDB ODBC connection that respects NoSQL dataTableau analysts may or may not know about the challenges in exposing NoSQL data sources, such as MongoDB, to data visualization tools like Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, Microstrategy, SAP Lumira, SAS, Birst, etc. 

    Progress DataDirect loves a good challenge and engineered the first reliable SQL connector to MongoDB using ODBC or JDBC. Progress Software acquired the Modulus Node.js and MongoDB development platform, so we might know a thing or two about MongoDB data—rather than follow the widely unpopular flattened schema approach.

  5. The Butterfly Effect of Big Data Analytics

    The Butterfly Effect of Big Data Analytics
    Big data analytics has moved beyond historical analysis and now predicts future consumer trends. Find out how it began and how it continues to shape business.

  6. A Deep Dive Into the World of Data Science

    A Deep Dive Into the World of Data Science
    Data science is a hot topic. We examine its history, from the beginning in 1962 to how it's used today—and explore why that matters to you.

  7. Export Salesforce Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagrams to Visio

    Export Salesforce Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagrams to Visio

    Though it may not be its sexiest feature, Salesforce has a powerful Schema Builder tool that can be used to format complex entity-relationship (ER) diagrams. Unfortunately, accessing these diagrams from outside of Salesforce—in a program like Visio, for example—can be a major struggle. The status quo for this sort of operation involves numerous tedious and inefficient steps that lead to frustration and wasted time.

    Fortunately, there is another way. In five steps, learn to simplify Salesforce ER diagram extraction using the Visio Reverse Engineer function and the DataDirect driver.

  8. Connecting Microsoft Power BI to Amazon Redshift

    One of the great things about Power BI is the wealth of data sources and connectivity options it supports, including ODBC and OData. No matter what method you choose, Progress has a high-performance solution for you.

    Progress DataDirect for Amazon Redshift and the OData service of DataDirect Cloud enable rapid BI and analytics with Microsoft PowerBI. Here’s how to connect to Amazon Redshift using OData or ODBC.


  9. How to bulk insert JDBC batches into Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase

    How to bulk insert JDBC batches into Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase

    Are you looking to improve performance of JDBC batch inserts into SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase? If so, you are not alone based on the buzz surrounding codeless DataDirect Bulk Load in our Type 5 Progress DataDirect JDBC drivers.

    The common requirement is to speed up inserts for large amounts of data from Java Application environments; and shops are pleasantly blown away at how easy it is to speed things up in a single step with no code changes required.

  10. 9 Reasons You Need Better Data Connectivity

    9 Reasons You Need Better Data Connectivity

    The first relational database was created 45 years ago, and the importance of data connectivity to the success of all enterprises has grown exponentially year after year. It can be a challenging, daunting task to integrate all of your data, but there are great reasons to pursue better data connectivity. Here’s a few.

    Vote for the Content YOU Want

    Over the next 24 hours we will be posting a series of polls from our Twitter Handle (@DataDirect_News) in hopes of better understanding how we can help you solve your most challenging data connectivity problems or learn about the ever-growing world of Big Data, database technology and evolving standards.

    Below you will find our polls. Please vote to help us get to know you better! Everything we do is for you and we want to provide you with the most useful, relevant content that we can. If you want to reach out directly to ask about a particular topic, shoot us an email and we will respond within 48 hours! Thank you for your participation.

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose was previously a senior content strategist and team lead for Progress DataDirect.


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