A Checklist to Transition to Big Data Operational Readiness

A Checklist to Transition to Big Data Operational Readiness

Posted on January 20, 2016 0 Comments

Moving to a Big Data platform intimidates even the largest and most experienced enterprises. From selecting reliable data sources to integrating your data and training employees on a new system, it is by no means a small task. That’s why we are here to help.

Adopting a Big Data Strategy

The decision to augment existing IT environments with a modern system platform is often made by gut feelings, without much in-depth planning. While Big Data system platforms offer amazing scalability and elasticity at a low cost, a poorly executed implementation strategy potentially mitigates all of the added value of a new system.

Companies who succeed in implementing Big Data platforms begin with outlining key metrics and performance objectives. They assess the potential risks and barriers to a successful implementation and make a plan to overcome them. You can’t manage or improve what you can’t measure. A transition to a Big Data platform cannot be made in a vacuum; it takes strategic organization at every level.

Operational Readiness Checklist

A successful move to a Big Data platform is comprised of eight essential steps. These steps provide a foundation to help get you started.

  1. Understand the Business Process the Application Performs
  2. Determine the Sources of Your Data
  3. Clearly Articulate Performance Criteria
  4. Project the Need for Scalability
  5. Develop a Cost Model
  6. Assess the Needs for Data Integration
  7. Develop an Enterprise Integration Roadmap
  8. Assemble a Plan for Training

Next Steps

From the first look at this checklist, it's clear that implementing technology like Hadoop can't be done without an enterprise-wide understanding of all the risks and benefits. Thorough planning and thought must go into choosing the best applications to propel your business. Nonetheless, the huge benefit to taking the next step into the Big Data world outweighs the risks. Big Data is poised to only grow bigger and more essential to every business, and we would love to help you integrate and leverage it in your enterprise.

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Austin Hellman

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