Sitefinity Insight: Adding Drive and Vision to Your CMS

Sitefinity Insight: Adding Drive and Vision to Your CMS

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Learn how to use Sitefinity Insight and six analytics-based features that will help you increase digital effectiveness and improve your bottom-line results.

Choosing the right CMS is a formidable challenge on its own. Finding a digital experience platform that expands on traditional CMS capabilities to deliver more engaging and revenue-driving digital experiences is a whole different story. In the following blog post, you’ll learn six analytics-based features that Sitefinity offers to help you ramp up digital effectiveness and contribute to bottom-line results.

Today, it is hard to imagine a digital landscape without the notions of web experience, analytics, customer journey, optimization, personalization, and the like. Grasping the underpinning connection between terms can be tough. However, it's even more challenging putting the theory into practice without getting lost in an ocean of fragmented data, disparate systems, and complexity of individual journeys. As digital marketers are becoming increasingly accountable for business results, it is crucial that they utilize the right set of data and insights to make the best decisions that reduce the friction down the funnel and optimize content across touchpoints to achieve KPIs.

Enter Sitefinity Insight, a platform that helps marketers do what matters most—create compelling content and experiences across all visitor touchpoints. It provides them with a powerful marketing command center to help them assess how well their initiatives are doing and adjust as needed to make sure they are doing the best they can. Let’s have a more detailed look at our favorite features, benefits and topics that every digital marketer will appreciate and love.

A Wealth of Data… Far and Wide

Quantity does not equate to quality. Even more so when you require the right set of data from a diverse set of relevant and interconnected systems that encompass your visitors’ interaction touchpoints.

With Sitefinity Insight you can connect and integrate with new and existing tools such as Marketing Automation Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Analytics and Google services. Customer interaction data across channels, such as web, mobile apps, and chatbots does not end up siloed in varied systems—instead, data across platforms gets consolidated within Sitefinity Insight. This gives you all of the data you need to have a holistic overview of who, what, and where. You can further narrow down the demographic and behavioral data you collect for anonymous and known audiences from multiple systems by filtering out specific data sources or grouping collected data in dedicated data centers for additional analysis. 

An Individual Journey… Across Multiple Paths

Like they say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. I mean, you know what your goal is but there’s more than one way to get there. Same goes for your users’ journey with your brand.

As much as we want to discover the most common course for our prospects to take to convert, there’s no single happy path that leads to the desired outcome. With Sitefinity Insight, you can analyze user behavior and touchpoint attribution across the multichannel journey—be it a downloaded file from a Sitefinity website, browsing behavior on the mobile app, filling in an Eloqua form on your marketing campaign landing page, or sales activity. Once you identify your key conversions, you can let Sitefinity Insight do the rest—track every multi-interaction and identify key touchpoints that lead to conversions. To truly understand individual journeys and paths, you can examine the journey timeline, showing every interaction, including conversions, that a specific user had in their journey on your site. 

A Personal Conversation… Make it Count

Long gone are the days when one message fit all conversations. To increase conversion potential, optimize user experience, and drive growth, tailor the message to your audience—be it anonymous traffic or registered users—based on their demographics, online behavior, and data collected across platforms.

By delivering a relevant message with the right timing within your marketing initiatives, such as web content, social and email campaigns, you engage your audience and increase the likelihood of repeat visits and, ultimately, conversions and loyalty the long run. With Sitefinity Insight, personalizing content and experiences is made easy with several options for segmenting audiences. Categorize visitors by defining target segments based on characteristics, such as page visited, IP, referral URL, persona characteristics and more. Or describe your ideal customer with persona profiles and assign each visitor a persona profile based on their unique problems and interests, to deliver them tailored messages that resonate. 

An Engaging Experience… But for Whom

You've probably accumulated data across multiple systems about your visitors, be they prospects or customers. How can you put it all to work?

With Sitefinity Insight, you use this data to build an encompassing, 360-degree view of your contacts, which helps you understand who they are, what they do, and what path they follow. Data merged from Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce gives a detailed journey timeline to help you spotlight every important touchpoint. This helps you better understand your audience, optimize conversion rates and deliver truly personalized experiences. You can then identify patterns, spot key touchpoints, understand readiness to buy and provide the tailored experience and 1:1 personalization that helps you not just get your message across but hit home. 

Actionable Insights… Based on Analytics

To engage and convert more visitors and push the business closer to achieving its KPIs, marketers require insights into how their initiatives are performing across all touchpoints and personas. Without real-time knowledge and the ability to utilize information on successful user interactions, friction areas in the buyer journey, or ongoing campaign execution, you cannot develop informed inferences and make the best decisions that would contribute to bottom-line results.

With Sitefinity Insight, it is not just clicks and views that matter. On top of the typical quantitative data, you get qualitative analytics reports and real-time insights on content attribution and performance across the board. This helps you measure the impact of content and track the effectiveness of the entire web journey towards business KPIs. The machine learning-driven insights tell you not only how many hits your recent campaign received, but which campaign drove the most purchases and which marketing asset will make your visitors more likely to convert. Plus, once you shape the messaging for key audiences, you can measure the impact to website interaction and engagement with personalization reports and results.

Optimize the Experience… And the Results

Armed with the wealth of knowledge and actionable data from reports and insights, you can now focus your efforts on driving growth by optimizing the experience. One way to do this is by running A/B tests to experiment with variations of the original page and measure which variation sways visitors to the desired goal—that is, drives higher conversion or engagement. Say you want to try a new layout for the landing campaign page, or you want to prove your hypothesis that shorter forms result in more leads. Simply create the test to test out the hypothesis. You can experiment with almost any part of your page, including forms, layout, position of page elements, content elements, call to action, images, and more.

As Sitefinity Insight also calculates your potential conversion increase for the next 30 days for each of your audience segments, it constantly provides you with machine learning-driven recommendations for a “best next action” to drive customers toward the desired action, so you can design relevant campaigns that boost ROI.

Jack of All Trades… And a Master of All

Undoubtedly, today there are tools to create anything and to measure everything regarding your digital presence and content. While with many state-of-the-art content management systems marketers are left in the dark with limited visibility on their audience’s journey through the sales funnel, Sitefinity Insight adds a marketing command center at your fingertips.

By using just one platform for creating, delivering and optimizing the performance of your content, you can easily experiment with different messaging, imagery, calls to action and more right from within the same system. You can even segment your audience and deliver a personalized experience and then analyze the results from within the same system. All in one place, you can analyze the customer journey and act upon it, based on reports, insights, and recommendations. Use this power and knowledge to identify valuable growth opportunities across the entire visitor life cycle—be it user interactions or marketing initiatives—that lead to positive impact on business results.

With Sitefinity Insight you get:

  • Audience intelligence

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Content performance tracking

  • Actionable insights for content personalization

  • Machine learning-powered experience optimization recommendations

  • A wealth of tracking and integrations options

And all that in a secure environment focused on customer data protection and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Contact our team to request a personalized walkthrough of the platform and experience the marketing power of Sitefinity. Or, download a trial to test it out yourself.

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Petra Lazarova

Petra Lazarova was part of the Sitefinity Product Marketing team.


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