Open Source Salesforce Wave Connector for OData

Open Source Salesforce Wave Connector for OData

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Load external data using our open source wave connector for external data that works with any OData endpoint. Grab it today on GitHub.

Update: Looking for the best in connectivity for your data in the cloud? While DataDirect Cloud is no longer available, Hybrid Data Pipeline has all the same features and more! Learn more about Hybrid Data Pipeline.

Salesforce Wave has a number of approaches to build an analytical dataset, and a common one includes the following steps:

  1. Load data from Salesforce
  2. Load data from External System
  3. Join Salesforce and External System using dataflow

Step #2 is often the most difficult as it requires integration with data located off the Salesforce platform. Many organizations turn to Progress for accessing external objects via OData from Salesforce for integration, external object reports or wave trending. To further leverage these OData endpoints, my developer relations team decided to make things easier for Wave Analytics by building an open source wave connector that can access those same OData endpoints, even without external objects. It was developed by Saikrishna Teja Bobba. Progress is a member of the OData technical committee and we support adoption of data access standards such as OData

There are many OData endpoints in the ecosystem you can leverage today without any additional services. If you’re looking for an OData endpoint for your on-premises ERP systems, data warehouses or Hadoop platforms, Progress has lightweight OData connectivity services for popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Postgres, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop Hive, and more. You can deploy an OData service in minutes with a free trial if you’re interested.

Steps from Open Source Project to Load External Data

  • Register for a Wave enabled developer account here.
  • Download the WaveConnector utility here.
  • If you need a OData service for your databases, you can use Progress DataDirect Cloud. You can visit this page to learn about the data sources supported by DataDirect Cloud.
  • You can refer to this tutorial on how you can use DataDirect Cloud to produce OData for your datasource.
  • Run the WaveConnector.exe and you should see the below screen. Login with your Salesforce credentials and your Security Token.

Authenticate to external data API

  • On the next form, paste your base OData URL for your datasource and choose the authentication type (Basic Auth or No auth).

Configure OData Endpoint for Wave Dataset

  • For DataDirect Cloud users, choose Basic auth as your authentication type and enter your DataDirect cloud credentials on the form. If your OData service is publicly accessible with out requiring any authentication, then choose No Auth.
  • Click on Test Connection, If everything is correctly configured, your connection should be a success. Click on Continue to go to the next form.
  • On the next form, you can either choose an entity that you want to import to Wave Analytics or write your OData URL with custom filters.
  • If you choose an entity from the dropdown, all the data in the entity will be uploaded. If you choose to write your own OData URL, please note that currently $filter and $top are the only parameters that are supported. Based on your filters, the data will be uploaded to Wave Analytics.

Sort and filter external data to load

  • Enter the datasetname that you would like to have for this data in Wave Analytics and click on Upload to start the upload. Once the upload is finished, you should be able to see the dataset in Wave Analytics.
  • If the dataset is huge, it might take a bit of time. To check the progress, go to Wave Analytics -> Click on gear icon on top right -> DataMonitor. Here you should be able to track the progress.

Learn More about Our OData Services

Learn more and grab a trial of Progress DataDirect OData services to connect the Salesforce Platform to external data for use with External Objects, Salesforce Reports and Wave DataSets through an industry standard REST API. And don't forget to check out the open source wave connector on GitHub.

Try Our OData Services

Download Wave Connector

Sumit Sakar

Sumit Sarkar

Technology researcher, thought leader and speaker working to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive. Sumit has been working in the data access infrastructure field for over 10 years servicing web/mobile developers, data engineers and data scientists. His primary areas of focus include cross platform app development, serverless architectures, and hybrid enterprise data management that supports open standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, GraphQL, OData/REST. He has presented dozens of technology sessions at conferences such as Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, Strata Hadoop World, API World, Microstrategy World, MongoDB World, etc.


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