Get a Jump on the Competition

Get a Jump on the Competition

Posted on April 13, 2016 0 Comments
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Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Leverage the latest technology while protecting your investment by modernizing your existing applications.

If you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your current set of business applications, and it seems to be working fine for the present, it’s easy to miss seeing the benefits of modernizing your systems.

Behind the scenes, though, your customers are seeing the market change and may be wondering why their applications aren’t using the latest technology. With more than 87% of companies having plans to either modernize existing applications, extend application capabilities, or both over the next two years, odds are your competition is modernizing. If you’re not advancing your application solutions, even if things look good today, you risk falling behind.

Jumpstart Your Modernization

Even if your competition wasn’t extending their own apps, studies have shown that application modernization can yield up to 30% in cost reductions due to increase performance and enhanced security. On top of that, the cost of maintaining outdated legacy technology while working to achieve compliance will only continue to grow.

While the benefits modernization efforts are clear, the process of effectively executing on those efforts can sometimes feel daunting. It’s important to undertake a detailed examination of where you are and where your application technology needs to be to meet the coming business demands and user expectations. It may seem like you have to start from scratch, but often it’s possible to leverage your current investments as part of the process.

How We Can Help: The Progress Modernization Jumpstart

At Progress, we have an extensive track record of modernizing applications and leveraging existing technology along the way. Our goal is to make any modernization effort as easy and effective as possible for you.

The Progress Modernization Jumpstart helps customers and partners deliver competitive applications with the latest technology and strategic planning. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, develop a prototype unique to your goals, and show you how to utilize your existing technology while increasing competitiveness.

What to Expect with Your Jumpstart

You’ll be given a full package of tools, upgrades and help. It all starts with an expert installation of OpenEdge 11.6, the newest version of OpenEdge that lays the groundwork for digitally transforming your business.

You’ll boost performance of existing Progress WebSpeed applications with our next generation Progress Application Server for OpenEdge. Web applications will perform at an even higher level than you’re accustomed to, while web server scalability improves by leaps and bounds. 

Security will be upgraded to the latest in TLS/SSL to minimize the risk of malicious attacks and protect your customers and your business by meeting information security standards, such as those for the Payment Card Industry (PCI). You’ll gain extensive productivity and operational efficiencies, including for our Application Partners, the ability to create custom installs, resulting in a smaller and more nimble package.

This will all be completed using our proven methodology for modernizing and with the assistance of the Progress Services team, who have been helping OpenEdge customers and partners get the most out of their applications for over 25 years.

This team of experts will apply a prescriptive approach that takes advantage of your existing codebase and provides a fast ramp-up for experienced developers. A proof-of-concept will lay down patterns and best practices that can be honed and extended. Furthermore, you’ll see how modernized components can be deployed and coexist with your production applications.

Special Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, the Jumpstart will also include a free customized UI/UX Prototype using Kendo UI. A trio of modernized screens and six wireframes will be built against your database, so you can see and experience a sample of what this beautiful modern UI can do for your application. This is included in any Jumpstart that’s scheduled by August 31, 2016.  All in all, you’ll receive a 52 hour services engagement for the cost of 40. That’s a savings of over 20%. 

Get Started

Jumpstart your modernization and advance your digital business to the latest OpenEdge 11.6. Build the beautiful competitive apps your customers are looking for and open up new markets for your business. Along the way, we’ll provide the expert advice you need and help you leverage your existing investments to the fullest.

Don’t just match the competition—lead the way. As you consider ways to digitally transform your business, the Modernization Jumpstart can help. To schedule, contact us by August 31, 2016. 

Tanya O’Connor

Tanya O’Connor

Tanya O’Connor is a former senior director of product marketing at Progress.


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