Oxygen XML Editor for Eclipse

The <oXygen/> XML Editor for Eclipse (DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0 Edition) is an Eclipse plugin that provides XQuery and generic XML support in Eclipse, a widely used Java development environment. This plugin is fully integrated with DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0.

You can use <oXygen/> to

  • Browse relational data sources to configure connections
  • Write and test DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0 queries
  • Drag and drop from data sources to help create XQuery path expressions
  • View query results
  • Automatically generate simple Java classes that run a query using DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0's implementation of the XQJ API (XQJ)

The following image shows the XQuery Perspective for a DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0 project.

Because this tool runs in Eclipse, it is easy to switch from the XQuery Perspective to the Java Perspective, which is very convenient when writing Java programs that use XQuery.

The following image shows two windows in greater detail. The XQuery Editor provides syntax coloring and code folding indenting, and allows ad-hoc queries. The Database Connections Window lets you configure relational database connections and visualize relational data.

When developing queries, it is very helpful to be able to run ad-hoc queries and view the results. The following image is a close up of the XQuery results window.

Once you are satisfied your query is working, you can automatically generate a simple Java classes that runs the query using DataDirect XQuery™ 2.0.