Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC dBase Driver

    An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

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    Version 7.1.6

      • The Driver Manager has been upgraded to version 8.0. The purpose of this upgrade is to have all DataDirect for ODBC drivers use the latest version of the Driver Manager, which allows for faster security updates and a consistent user experience. Note that the Driver Manager is backward compatible. As part of this upgrade:
        • The following ICU library files have been added to the product package:
          • For UNIX: (32-bit) and (64-bit)
          • For Linux: (32-bit) and (64-bit)
        • The trace library file names have been changed for both UNIX and Linux:
          • 32-bit: From to
          • 64-bit: From to
        Note 1: (32-bit) and (64-bit) will continue to be included in the product package to support driver functionality.
        Note 2: The Driver Manager build included with the product is 08.02.1997 (U1987).
      • For Linux platforms only, the ICU library files that are installed with the product have been upgraded to version 74.1. In addition, the ICU library file names have changed for Linux platforms:
        • For the 32-bit driver: From to
        • For the 64-bit driver: From to
        This upgrade is available starting in build 08.02.0965 of the ICU library files.
      • For Windows platforms, the trace library file names have been changed from ivtrc27.dll to ivtrc28.dll (32-bit) and from ddtrc27.dll to ddtrc28.dll (64-bit) to have the same file names across all platforms. This change allows for faster release of security updates and a more consistent user experience.
        Note: To support the trace library file name change, the following ICU library files have been added to the product package: ivicu28.dll (32-bit) and ddicu28.dll (64-bit).
      • A Password Encryption Tool, called ddencpwd, is now included with the product package. It encrypts passwords for secure handling in connection strings and odbc.ini files. At connection, the driver decrypts these passwords and passes them to the data source as required. See Password Encryption Tool (UNIX/Linux only) for details.*
      • The drivers using base version B0649 and later have been enhanced to include timestamp in the internal packet logs by default. If you want to disable the timestamp logging in packet logs, set PacketLoggingOptions=1. The internal packet logging is not enabled by default. To enable it, set EnablePacketLogging=1.*
      • The Driver Manager for UNIX/Linux has been enhanced to support setting the Unicode encoding type for applications on a per connection basis. By passing a value for the SQL_ATTR_APP_UNICODE_TYPE attribute using SQLSetConnectAttr, your application can specify the encoding at connection. This allows your application to pass both UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded strings with a single environment handle.*
        The valid values for the SQL_ATTR_APP_UNICODE_TYPE attribute are SQL_DD_CP_UTF8 and SQL_DD_CP_UTF16. The default value is SQL_DD_CP_UTF8.
        This enhancement is available in build 07.16.0398 of the driver manager. Refer to Driver Manager and Unicode encoding on UNIX/Linux in Progress DataDirect for ODBC Drivers Reference for details.
      Changed Behavior
      • The product package no longer includes the ODBC Cursor library file ( because it has some known security vulnerabilities that could potentially expose you to security risks.*
        Note: The installer program cannot remove the ODBC Cursor library file automatically while installing a new version of the driver. Remove it manually.


      Version 7.1.5

      No features introduced

      Version 7.1.4

      No features introduced 

      Version 7.1.3

      No features introduced 

      Version 7.1.2

      No features introduced

      Version 7.1.1

      No features introduced 

      Version 7.1.0

      No features introduced 

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