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Progress DataDirect for ODBC for Apache Cassandra Driver

An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

Version 8.0 

  • Certified with SUSE Enterprise Server 15*
    Driver version 08.00.0153 (B0577, U0407)
  • Certified with Ubuntu Linux 18.04*
    Driver version 08.00.0153 (B0577, U0407)
  • Certified with Red Hat Enterprise 8.0*
    Driver version 08.00.0101 (B0377, U0256)
  • Certified with OpenJDK 11*
    Driver version 08.00.0101 (B0377, U0256)
  • Certified with OpenJDK 8*
    Driver version 08.00.0101 (B0377, U0256)
  • Certified with Red Hat Enterprise 7.3*
    Driver version 08.00.0074 (B0238, U0156)
  • Certified with Windows Server 2016*
    Driver version 08.00.0074 (B0238, U0156)
  • Certified with DataStax Enterprise 5.0
  • Certified with DataStax Enterprise 4.7 and 4.8
  • Certified with Apache Cassandra 3.0 and 3.7
  • Certified with Apache Cassandra 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2
  • The default version of the OpenSSL library has been upgraded to version 1.1.1l, which fixes the following security vulnerabilities:*
    • SM2 Decryption Buffer Overflow (CVE-2021-3711)
    • Read buffer overruns processing ASN.1 strings (CVE-2021-3712)

    Version 1.1.1l also addresses vulnerabilities resolved by earlier versions of the library. For more information on the installed library files, refer to the readme.
    For more information on the OpenSSL vulnerabilities resolved by this upgrade, refer to the corresponding OpenSSL announcements at

  • The driver has been enhanced to support connection failover and client load balancing when connecting to a cluster. You can enable this new functionality by specifying a comma-separated list of member nodes using the new Cluster Nodes (ClusterNodes) connection option.
    Available in driver version 08.00.0216 (B0706, U0505, J000324)
  • The drivers using base version B0649 and later have been enhanced to include timestamp in the internal packet logs by default. If you want to disable the timestamp logging in packet logs, set PacketLoggingOptions=1. The internal packet logging is not enabled by default. To enable it, set EnablePacketLogging=1.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the Duration data type, which maps to the SQL_VARCHAR ODBC type. Currently, the Duration type is supported only in simple columns, and not in Collection types.*
  • The Driver Manager for UNIX/Linux has been enhanced to support setting the Unicode encoding type for applications on a per connection basis. By passing a value for the SQL_ATTR_APP_UNICODE_TYPE attribute using SQLSetConnectAttr, your application can specify the encoding at connection. This allows your application to pass both UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded strings with a single environment handle.
    The valid values for the SQL_ATTR_APP_UNICODE_TYPE attribute are SQL_DD_CP_UTF8 and SQL_DD_CP_UTF16. The default value is SQL_DD_CP_UTF8.
    This enhancement is available in build 08.02.0449 of the driver manager.
Changed Behavior
  • The following Windows platforms have reached the end of their product lifecycle and are no longer supported by the driver*:
    • Windows 8.0 (versions 8.1 and higher are still supported)
    • Windows Vista (all versions)
    • Windows XP (all versions)
    • Windows Server 2003 (all versions)
  • Supports SQL read-write access to Apache Cassandra data sources.
  • Supports CQL Binary Protocol.
  • The driver supports the core SQL-92 grammar.
  • The driver supports all ODBC Core functions and some Level 1 and Level 2 features.
  • Supports user id and password authentication.
  • Supports Cassandra data types, including the complex types Tuple, user-defined types, Map, List and Set.
  • Generates a normalized view of Cassandra data. Tuple and user-defined types are flattened into a relational parent table, while collection types are mapped as relational child tables.
  • Supports Native and Refresh escape sequences to embed CQL commands in SQL-92 statements.
  • Supports Cassandra's tunable consistency functionality with the ReadConsistency and WriteConsistency connection options. 
  • Supports the handling of large result sets through the FetchSize, NativeFetchSize, and ResultMemorySize connection options.
  • Supports applications that do not support unbounded data types through the ASCIISize, DecimalPrecision, DecimalScale, VarintPrecision, and VarcharSize connection options.

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