Healthcare Chatbot

Automation Booking Customer Self-service Healthcare

This demo chatbot automates the process of booking an appointment with a doctor. The chatbot can call an endpoint to get available time slots for appointments and displays them to the user. Live agent hand-off is supported.

Chatbots are a modern, AI-driven solution to augment your service delivery across a wide range of healthcare functions. Leverage conversational UI and enable patients to find a doctor or service, schedule appointments and get virtual assistance.

Reduce the overhead of repetitive calls and routine tasks in scheduling visits, conducting triage, monitoring medication, pre- and post-treatment services, and patient care.

We have a sample bot waiting for you at the NativeChat portal, with the initial basic setup already in place. Follow the link to get on the portal and finish setting up your test bot. If you're not a registered NativeChat dev portal user, please sign up. It takes seconds and is free.