Progress DataDirect for JDBC for SAP S/4HANA Driver 

An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

  • The driver has been enhanced to use proxy server settings defined in the JVM system properties by default. If no proxy settings are defined in the connection string or data source, the driver will attempt to use the values of the http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort JVM system properties to connect to the database.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the HTTP Header authentication method.
    This method can be configured using the SecurityToken and AuthHeader 
    connection properties.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to support a default value of 100000 for the 
    connection property WSFetchSize.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to set the maximum size of VARCHAR columns within the result set metadata using the MaxVarcharSize connection property.*

Version 6.0.0 

  • Supports SQL read-write access to SAP S/4HANA cloud data source
  • Supports JDBC core functions
  • Supports the core SQL-92 grammar
  • Supports SAP S/4HANA data types through data type inference
  • Supports Basic authentication
  • Supports SSL data encryption
  • Supports connection to custom business objects and views via custom services, 
    including custom fields added through SAP S/4HANA UI.
  • Supports the handling of large result sets with paging and the FetchSize connection property 
  • Includes Interactive SQL for JDBC (JDBCISQL). It is a command-line interface
    that supports connecting your driver to a data source, executing SQL 
    statements, and retrieving results in a terminal. This tool provides a 
    method to quickly test your drivers in an environment that does not support GUIs.
  • Includes the Progress DataDirect S/4HANA Configuration Manager for quick configuration and testing of your driver in a web browser. The tool allows you to: 
    • Generate and edit connection URLs
    • Test connect connection URLs
    • Execute SQL commands for testing
    • Access connection property descriptions and the full product documentation 

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