Progress DataDirect for JDBC for Microsoft SharePoint

    An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

    Refer to the following resources for additional information:

    • Product Compatibility Guide: Provides the latest data source and platform support information. 
    • Fixes: Describes the issues resolved since general availability.  

    Version 6.0.0

    • The installer program has been enhanced to support Azul Zulu JRE 11. As a result of this change, the installer has ended support for some of the old operating systems. The installer supports the following operating systems after the enhancement:*
      • UNIX/Linux:
        • Any operating system on a machine using a JRE that is Java SE 8 or higher (LTS version), including Oracle JDK, OpenJDK, and IBM SDK (Java) distributions.
      • Windows:
        • Windows 8.1 or higher
        • Windows Server 2012 RC2 or higher
      Important: These changes do not affect the operating system requirements of the driver.
    • The driver has been enhanced to use proxy server settings defined in the JVM system properties by default. If no proxy settings are defined in the connection string or data source, the driver will attempt to use the values of the http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort JVM system properties to connect to the database.*
    • The following connection properties have been removed from the driver: ConnectionRetryCount, ConnectionRetryDelay, LoginTimeout, and QueryTimeout. Refer to Connection property descriptions for a list of supported properties.*
    • The following properties have been moved from the Advanced tab to the Performance tab on the Configuration Manager: RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean, StatementCallLimit, and StatementCallLimitBehavior.*
    • Supports SQL read-write access to Microsoft SharePoint lists. Refer to Supported SQL statements and extensions for details.
    • Supports JDBC core functions. Refer to JDBC support in the Progress DataDirect for JDBC Drivers Reference.
    • Supports the core SQL-92 grammar
    • Supports SharePoint data types through data type inference. Refer to Data types, getTypeInfo(), and Introduction to the SharePoint List data model.
    • Supports OAuth 2.0 authentication. Refer to OAuth 2.0 authentication for details.
    • Supports the handling of large result sets with paging and the FetchSize connection property. Refer to FetchSize for details.
    • Supports optimizing insert, update, and delete operations with the BatchUpdateChunkSize connection property. Refer to BatchUpdateChunkSize for details.
    • Includes the DataDirect JDBC Driver Configuration Manager for quick configuration and testing of your driver. This tool allows you to:
      • Generate and edit connection URLs
      • Test connect connection URLs
      • Execute SQL commands for testing
      • Fetch OAuth tokens without using your application
      • Access connection property descriptions and the full product documentation

      Refer to Generating connection URLs with the Configuration Manager for details.

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