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Progress DataDirect Connect XE for JDBC for Apache Hive

An asterisk (*) indicates support that was added in a hotfix or software patch subsequent to a release.

Version 5.1.4

  • Certified with Apache Hive 2.0, 2.1*
    Driver version (F000295.U000128) 
  • Certified with Apache Hive 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2*
  • Certified with Apache Hive 0.13 and 0.14
  • Certified with the following IBM BigInsights distributions:
    • IBM BigInsights 3.0 and 4.1*
  • The BatchMechanism connection property has been added to the driver. By setting BatchMechanism to multiRowInsert, you enable the driver to execute a single insert for all the rows contained in a parameter array. MultiRowInsert is the default setting and provides substantial performance gains when performing batch inserts.*
  • The driver has been enhanced to support SSL for Apache Hive 0.13.0 and higher, incorporating the addition of nine new connection properties.*
  • The driver's Kerberos functionality has been enhanced to support SASL-QOP data integrity and confidentiality. Hence, in addition to supporting the auth value, the driver now supports the auth-int and auth-conf values. SASL-QOP values are defined as follows:
    • auth: authentication only (default)
    • auth-int: authentication with integrity protection
    • auth-conf: authentication with confidentiality protection
    Note that SASL-QOP is configured on the server side as a part of HiveServer2 Kerberos configuration. When Kerberos authentication is enabled through the driver (AuthenticationMethod=kerberos), the driver automatically detects and abides by the server's SASL-QOP configuration at connection time.*
  • Support for row-level inserts has been added to the driver.
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the Char, Decimal, Date, and Varchar data types.
Changed Behavior
  • Added the RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean connection property. Note that the
    driver no longer registers the Statement Pool Monitor as a JMX MBean by default.
    You must set RegisterStatementPoolMonitorMBean to true to register the Statement Pool Monitor and manage statement pooling with standard JMX API calls.*

Version 5.1.2

  • Certified with Apache Hive 0.10, 0.11, and 0.12
  • The driver has been enhanced to support the Kerberos authentication protocol with the addition of the AuthenticationMethod and ServicePrincipalName connection properties.

Version 5.1.1

GA Release Features
  • Support for Apache Hive 0.8 and higher
  • Returns result set metadata for parameterized statements that have been prepared but not yet executed
  • Supports connection pooling
  • Includes the LoginTimeout connection property which allows you to specify the amount of time the driver waits for a connection to be established before timing out the connection request
  • Includes the TransactionMode connection property which allows you to configure the driver to report that it supports transactions, even though Hive does not support transactions. This provides a workaround for applications which do not operate with a driver that reports transactions are not supported.
  • The driver provides support for the following standard SQL functionality:
    • Create Table and Create View
    • Insert
    • Drop Table and Drop View
    • Batches in HiveServer2 connections
GA Release Certifications
  • Certified with Apache Hive 0.8 and 0.9


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