Visually Map Data Sources and Generate Code for Any Data Source with DataDirect Data Integration Suite

The DataDirect Data Integration Suite provides a fast, easy way for enterprise systems to consume data sources, including relational, XML, Web services, EDI, or even custom flat files. With DataDirect Data Integration Suite, you visually map the data sources, generate code, and test, creating any view of the data to fit your specific environment.


  • Enhances the overall bottom line
  • Delivers immediate productivity gains
  • Scales for all major relational databases


White Papers

Whitepaper: Building XQuery Based Web Service Aggregation and Reporting Applications

The widespread adoption of XML has profoundly altered the way that information is exchanged within and between enterprises. XML, an extensible, text-based markup language, describes data in a way that is both hardware- and software-independent. As such, it has become a standard of choice for a growing number of Web services and Service Oriented Architectures. With a vast amount of data being published in XML format by multiple sources, the need has arisen for an easy and efficient means of extracting and manipulating this information. XQuery has emerged as an ideal way to aggregate data from Web services, relational databases, and other applications that employ XML.

Analyst Studio

Using the Data Integration Suite

Learn valuable skills and pick up tips & tricks about the Data Integration Suite. This section includes free documents with sample code for you to use as examples.