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Simplify deployment of Hyperion business intelligence applications to enable Toyota’s managers to analyze data from all of their systems across the enterprise.


Hyperion has chosen DataDirect Connect for ODBC for out-of-the-box data connectivity to all major databases.


IT staff at Toyota Motor Sales can deploy more analytical applications to more managers across more systems without worrying about data connectivity.

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Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) manages the marketing, sales, distribution, and customer service functions of the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion automobile lines. The immensity of Toyota Motor Sales’ customer information network demands a topnotch business intelligence tool. Toyota chose Hyperion 8 to manage and query their data stored in Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 database platforms.


Progress DataDirect for ODBC and JDBC drivers are distributed with Hyperion’s full suite of Business Performance Management (BPM) products. This provides Hyperion customers with premium out-of-the-box access to a long list of relational databases from both Windows and non-Windows platforms.

According to Mike Burkes, manager of data access within the Enterprise Data Management group, Progress® DataDirect® was a proven entity that had been successfully implemented in pockets throughout the organization. Upon installing Hyperion Performance Suite, Toyota immediately enjoyed something they had previously lacked; a simple and reliable way to connect to all of the data on SQL Server, DB2 and HPUX- based Oracle databases from the Solaris environment. This change in infrastructure revealed impressive results right away. “We had a business unit that was in the early stages of project identification and they anticipated a complex technical solution because their requirements included data from different sources,” Burkes stated. “Imagine the project team’s surprise when we quickly created connectivity during the meeting and had a rough draft of the completed requirement in their hand when they left. The business was able to reallocate the roughly $100K earmarked for the project in a win/win for all.”


With Progress DataDirect for ODBC embedded in their Hyperion reporting application, Toyota’s IT staff can easily meet business needs to access and analyze data – no matter where it is stored. This allows the focus to be on building the critical applications to support business – rather than divert attention to solving complex data connectivity issues.

Toyota Motor Sales plans to broaden its deployment of Hyperion 8 within the next year, when it places analytic applications in all of its Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Each dealership will have near real-time visibility into inventory and customer satisfaction information. All of these newly deployed applications will rely on Progress DataDirect for ODBC to enable access to remotely-hosted databases.

“The pairing of Hyperion 8 and Progress DataDirect for ODBC provides Toyota Motor Sales with an unmatched business intelligence tool,” said Burkes. “The solution allows us to run our business more efficiently and the financial gains speak volumes. We have also benefited a great deal from the superior performance and flexibility inherent in Progress DataDirect for ODBC.”

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